Spaniards and salary limit: Barcelona in the biggest minus

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Spaniards and salary limit: Barcelona in the biggest minus

The Spanish La Liga today announced a new salary limit for Spanish first and second division teams after the winter transfer window. It is about the amount that the club can spend on the contracts of the players and the professional staff, but also on the branches, young selections, and other sports sectors in a year.

According to the new calculation of the leader of Primera, Real Madrid is the most financially powerful club in Spain, because it can allocate as much as 739,163,000 euros per season for salaries! In the convincingly worst situation is Barcelona, ​​which is even in the minus of 144,353,000 euros.

In translation, the Catalans have to fill so many financial holes with new income by June 30 in order to be allowed to register new players. On the eve of the winter transfer window, that limit was 97,942,000 euros, but after the arrival of Aubameyang, Alves, Torres, and Traore, it went into the red.

Real's healthy finances are mostly due to a good transfer policy and investments in young players, considering that they paid only one compensation for new players in the previous four transfer periods: 31,000,000 euros for Eduardo Camavinga from Rennes.

And on sales (Hakimi, Reguilon, Varane, Odegaard, Oscar Rodriguez ...) they earned over 180,000,000 euros. With the departures of James Rodriguez, Rafael Varane and Sergio Ramos, Real has made the payroll easier because it is about the players who were among the highest paid in the team, and it will make it even easier when Gareth Bale's contract expires in the summer.

As for Barcelona, ​​its terrible finances are a consequence of the disastrous management of the club by former president Josep Bartomeu and his associates. But also missed investments such as Coutinho, Dembele, Griezzman, Pjanić ...

Due to the financial fire, Leo Messi was sacrificed this summer, whose salary cost Barca about 135,000,000 euros a year.

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He was followed by Griezmann (21,000,000 euros a year) and Coutinho (16,000,000), and Dembele (12,000,000) will not leave the club.

Maybe even more experienced first-team players ... The salaries of Pique, Busquets, Alba, Ter Stegen, Umtiti cost over 15,000,000 euros to the club ... While at Real, for example, only Hazard and Alaba cost over 15,000,000 euros a year besides Bale.

However, Barcelona has a plan on how to improve the situation by June 30 and get out of the deficit. Financial oxygen worth 600,000,000 euros is expected from the two contracts. About 270,000,000 euros will enter the club thanks to a new contract with the company CVC, which sells TV rights and which will inject two billion euros into Spanish football.

Also, Barcelona is close to an agreement on the sale of 49% of the ownership of "Barca Studio" for over 300,000,000 euros. Also, by June 20, the money from the sale of players such as Coutinho or Trincao, who are currently on loan, should be available.

As for other Spanish clubs, Seville (199,147,000), Atletico Madrid (161,221,000 euros), Athletic Bilbao (1,224,656,000), Real Sociedad (111,230,000) are the best with salary limits ... Barcelona is the only one club in the red, followed by Levante (33,828,000), Alaves (42,341,000), Elche (44,731,000) ...