The legendary Italian footballer criticized Leo Messi and Neymar!

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The legendary Italian footballer criticized Leo Messi and Neymar!

A blade of criticism of the biggest stars. Kylian Mbappe was spared because at least something concrete contributes, while Lionel Messi and Neymar seem as if they don't really play football, which is why Paris Saint-Germain fans booed them during the match with Bordeaux.

Justified, primarily because of the rematch of the eighth-finals of the Champions League, when they acted as if they were on the promenade on the grass of the "Santiago Bernabeu" stadium. That is why they are still buzzing in their ears due to the dissatisfaction of the audience expressed at Sunday's League 1 match.

One Italian continued to criticize the South American. Paolo di Canio says that he would have booed at Messi and Neymar if he had the opportunity. "Messi left the field scratching his head, without showing emotions. I prefer the way Cristiano Ronaldo reacts.

When he learned that there was a possibility of being a reserve against Manchester City, he went to Portugal, got some rest, then came back fresh and scored a hat-trick against Tottenham" " I prefer a man with a soul, rather than an alien without emotions ", is a picturesque former member of Lazio, Milan, Juventus, Napoli, West Ham, Charlton ...

Paulo Di Canio on Messi and Neymar

The former striker is especially irritated by the way Messi has been behaving since he arrived at the Princes' Park in Barcelona. It is clear that Leo Messi is not playing as expected of him, and that he is no longer in his ‘prime’.

However, given the qualities of the Argentine, there are high expectations from him, which he has not met so far "Messi has shown the limitations of his personality. Of course, the audience will boo at him. Thousands of fans welcomed him, dreamed of him, but Leo's behavior is unacceptable.

" When he "hooked" one of the best football players in history, it is understandable that he did not spare Neymar. Neymar seems completely lethargic, and fans were recently shocked by the statement that he wants to go to MLS to play.

The Brazilian is obviously not happy in Paris, and the question is if this continues, will he stay longer "He is even worse than Leo Messi. He didn't do anything special, and recently he said that he wanted to go to MLS for three months, to rest.

Man, respect these people who pay you. There must be a problem, "Di Canio added. Obviously, there are huge problems in PSG