Cristiano Ronaldo; The best goal scorer of all time!

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Cristiano Ronaldo; The best  goal scorer of all time!

If it was (exclusively) to its captain Harry Maguire, who knows where Manchester United would be at the moment. Fortunately, they have the right leader at Old Trafford to get them back on track from time to time. Cristiano Ronaldo does not need an armband, he is motivated exclusively by goals.

With three new ones in Saturday's derby, he masked the limitations of Rangnick's team and led him to the fourth position in his ancestors, which seems to be the real reach of the Manchester team at the moment. At the same time, with a hat-trick against Tottenham - he became the best scorer in the history of world football with 807 goals - the Portuguese silenced the critics of his target after he missed the Manchester derby last weekend for not very clear reasons.

And when an eternal critic like Roy Keane speaks only praiseworthy of you, then you are definitely doing the right thing.
"Ronaldo looked angry today, he played quite aggressively. He is obviously upset about what happened last week, but today he showed what we have seen for years."

"The guy is a genius, his three goals were fantastic. He brings so much to the team because people think he can't score goals. That's a lot of goals" "Scoring them is the hardest part of the game. Some players don't even score them in training.

What else can you say about him? He is a genius! ”Keane said about Ronaldo after the match with Tottenham.

Roy Keane on Ronaldo

Although the numbers speak for Ronaldo, many still think that his past is over and that in some segments he harms the team, Keane has no doubt - Cristiano still has something to offer United.

Not only this season but also next. "His decision is pending at the end of the upcoming season, which I believe everyone thinks will happen. Will Ronaldo be at United next season? Should United keep him?" "The situation is not in their hands, Ronaldo is the one who will make the decision has another year of the contract.

The question is whether he wants to stay here and whether this is a project he believes in." "Games like tonight will help him make a decision. How great he is, his next challenge is to make this United team compete for the title again."

, assures Keane. Gary Neville, another United former footballer at the Sky Sports studio, did not spare compliments on Ronaldo's account. The faith that Ronaldo has in himself. He is at the end of his career, but he is absolutely sensational, a superstar of the modern game, one of the greatest of all time, and the best scorer in the history of football."

"Ronaldo has always wanted that. The greatest of all time, and his record is simply unrealistic. Those goals were scored in Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, in the Premier League - at the highest level," recalls Neville.