Antonio Conte: Without Ronaldo, this would not be a good night for United

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Antonio Conte: Without Ronaldo, this would not be a good night for United

it is not easy for the Italian to explain the defeat at Old Trafford The last time he was a guest at Old Trafford, Tottenham turned Old Trafford into a basketball theater with six goals in the Manchester United goal. But then the London club did not have Cristiano Ronaldo against them, even in a brutal regime.

This season, United is often talked about as a team in which most of the players did not live up to the qualities and desires of the Portuguese ace, but tonight he gave the impression that he did not need anyone on the field to bring victory to the host.

And when that is the case, the opponent doesn't have much of a chance - Tottenham coach Antonio Conte is also aware of that. "We are talking about a player who just tonight showed that he is a top player. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two of the best players of this era."

"And when you play against such players, they solve games." "Without Ronaldo, this would not be a good evening for United." , said the Italian after the match in Manchester. The London club performed very well on the field during the good part of the game.

There was an idea how to attack the rival, the ball had a great flow, but ... "It's hard to explain this defeat. I don't think we deserved to lose, but at the same time we need to figure out which direction we need to go to make progress."

Conte on his team

Since coming to the helm of Tottenham, Conte has been talking about room for improvement, and it cannot be said that he is dissatisfied with the impression left on the field by his players. "We played well, but we lacked experience in certain situations.

The game consists of many segments and sometimes you have to feel when to press, to play firmly, to raise intensity, or when to play calmly and not to rush." "In that aspect. , we have a lot of room for improvement.

And a huge shift has already been seen and felt on the ground. " Not counting the 35-year-old goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, Tottenham's starting ten in the field was on average 25.9 years old, and Conte also referred to the lack of experience.

"You can't buy experience. It grows after games like this. Our team consists of many young players and tonight they could learn a lot." "We came back to 1: 1, and after only two minutes, they scored the second goal.

a lot of goals from free-kicks. We need more improvement in order to be competitive for the top positions ", concluded the Italian expert.