Changing the rules for the "Golden Ball": Look at the changes

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Changing the rules for the "Golden Ball": Look at the changes

Last time it wasn't so good, it shouldn't be anymore. The choice for the Golden Ball has always provoked controversy, debate, and controversy, however, it seems that France Football and L' Equip, as the organizers of the prestigious award, have decided to stand in the way of controversy.

That is why they changed the rules on how to receive the award for the best football player in the world. As many as four new ones. Explained in detail and applicable immediately. Revolutionary, since for the first time since 2007 the Golden Ball changes the rules, as it then expanded the list of candidates to all players regardless of nationality or territory because until 1995 it was "targeted" only by Europeans, and later allowed to foreigners who play in the area of ​​the Old Continent.

In the last 15 years, everyone.
And in the future .. The first rule probably disturbed the planetary public the most and disturbed the order. So far, the recognition has been awarded for performance in a calendar year (January to December), which looked at the performance from the end of one and the beginning of the second season, to which many had objections.

From the next election, that criterion does not apply. Furthermore, only the performance in the period from August (when the championships in normal leagues begin) one to June next year (end of the competition) will be considered.

Noting that the last competition to be considered the best this season is the European Women's Championship, as it ends on the last day of July. As the World Cup is held in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, the effect on it will affect the selection for the winner of the Golden Ball in 2023.

This means that the current owner of the award, Lionel Messi, has essentially no chance of remaining on the throne. He finished his participation in the Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain, he was left without the French Cup, and a certain winning of the title in League 1 will not be enough for him to defend the title.

The second change is also significant. The editors of France Football realized that not everyone in every part of the world understands how to vote, and in order to avoid comic appearances, it was decided that only representatives of the 100 best national teams on the FIFA rankings have the right to vote (selector, captain, journalist ).

FIFA Changes

L'Equipe explains this change by the concern that "some FIFA members do not have the natural legitimacy of natural football culture." That is why the "parliament" was shortened. As for the election of ladies, only the top 50 on the world rankings can vote.

Another big turnaround was made in France. It seems - correct. L' Equip explains that the Golden Ball is exclusively an individual award, and that is why the first criterion was the individual performance during the season.

So numbers, statistics. Not only that, though. The second criterion concerns what the individual achieves on a collective level, and the third relates to the class of the player and his sense of fair play, in order to encourage setting an example for others.

It is interesting that the "player's career" no longer exists as a criterion. Many are inclined to conclude that this is exactly what decided the last time, it was believed that Lionel Messi defeated Robert Lewandowski due to old merits.

The rule on how to enter the list of candidates has also been changed. So far, France has nominated football (30 in the competition of football players, 20 female football players, ten goalkeepers and young players each), however, in order to be more diverse, more people will be able to propose candidates.

The journalists of France Football and L' Equip will be joined by Didier Drogba in the capacity of the Golden Ball ambassador, as well as voters (journalists from various parts of the world) who turned out to be the best forecasters in the previous issue because they predicted the order on the podium. Preliminary lists will be known in September.