Jurgen Klopp supports the "expulsion" of Roman Abramovich

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Jurgen Klopp supports the "expulsion" of Roman Abramovich

Chelsea has dropped out of the race for the title in the Premier League, but that is the least problem in relation to what the European champion is currently going through. The war in Ukraine also damaged Chelsea, whose owner Roman Abramovich was practically expelled from English football after 20 years, and the club was financially paralyzed until the arrival of a new boss.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp also spoke about the situation in Chelsea today, supporting the decision of the British authorities. "This is not a situation where everyone in Chelsea is responsible. One man is responsible.

Vladimir Putin." "I have not been informed about the role of Roman Abramovich in everything, but it can be said that he is close to Putin. The British government has made the right decision, "Klopp said. Then he talked about football things and about the recent defeat by Inter, which was painless.

"We are not very good losers. After the matches, I always have a speech in the locker room, but after Inter, it was a little different." "I was in a better mood. The reaction is important, we have to show it and I am convinced that we will do it.

I didn't like some parts of our game against Inter and if we don't defend better against Brighton, we will have a problem." And it is Brighton who is Liverpool's next rival in the Premier League. "Brighton is not the best team in the world, but they are incredibly good."

"Graham Potter knows football and he knows he can get us in trouble. He is a phenomenal coach. I really like what he does. They are exciting to watch. " He says about the Premier League championship race and the chase for Manchester City: "I hope we can reach the title.

So far the guys have been great and why not think about the title?" "It's hard work, but these guys are ready. We will do our best, but we cannot say that we are in the race for the title because we are still lagging behind.

We will try to win and we will see how far that will take us. "

Klopp on Diaz and Salah

Klopp was also asked how satisfied he was with the inclusion of the January reinforcement of Luis Diaz. "He fit in quickly. When you sign a player you never know how fast he will adapt.

So far, he is brilliant and gives us in matches what he shows in training. " One of the increasingly current issues in Liverpool is the status of Mohammed Salah, who is entering the last year of his contract in the summer, and no extension agreement is in sight.

"He expects the club to show ambition. There is not much we can do about it. The decision is up to Salah." "From my point of view, everything looks fine. Nothing has been decided. Neither something was signed nor something was rejected. Let's wait, there's no need to hurry. "