Who are the potential candidates to buy FC Chelsea?

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Who are the potential candidates to buy FC Chelsea?

Some have withdrawn, some have simply denied the rumors, but the interest of potential buyers in Chelsea is constantly growing. While Roman Abramovich is considering the offers that have already arrived, he can expect (at least) two more calls in the near future.

The first is from the owner of the NBA franchise Sacramento Kings Vivek Ranadive, the second is a consortium of Arab businessmen. According to reports from American business sites, Ranadive is finishing the last details of the official offer that he will submit to Abramovich.

Ranadive bought Kings in 2013 for 534,000,000 dollars at the time, which is about 646,000,000 dollars or 593,000,000 euros in today's value. The value of the club today is estimated at close to two and a half billion euros!

Ranadive has an interesting life story. He was accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the age of 16, and later said that he came to the United States with only 50 dollars before he later raised a lot of money after founding the computer company Tibko in the 1990s.

In the meantime, he also graduated from Harvard, and invested money in several other technological projects that brought him big profits. Interestingly, it is stated that his net value is around 700,000,000 dollars. He is considered a respected owner in NBA circles, although the Kings are one of the weakest franchises, without any excessive prospects for significant growth.

The official interest in buying Chelsea was also expressed by a private Arab consortium led by Saudi Media. They announced that they would submit an offer through the Raine Group, an American bank that Roman Abramovich commissioned to deal with transactions in this business.

In addition to Ranadive and Arab billionaires, the name of Woody Johnson, the owner of the NFL club New York Jets, is also mentioned.


Johnson also spoke with the Raine Group, which was confirmed by ESPN. He bought the Jets back in 2000 for 635,000,000 dollars at the time, which is just over a billion dollars in today's inflation.

His net value is currently over 3,600,000,000 euros. The Russian oligarch put Chelsea up for sale last week, and the deadline for submitting bids is March 15. Sky Sport recently announced that Abramovich has already rejected one official offer, worth 3,200,000,000 euros.

What the outgoing Chelsea owner is asking for is over four billion euros. It is speculated that at this moment, the closest American businessman and co-owner of the LA Dodgers baseball franchise, Todd Boehly, is together with the Swiss philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss.

On the other hand, it has been written in Turkey for days that the construction mogul Muhsin Bajrak is close to taking over the ownership of one of the biggest clubs on the planet.

It is also speculated that Roman Abramovich will carefully choose the next owner of Chelsea, considering that he wants the club to remain at the top of European and world football, not a training ground for turning large amounts of money ...