Luis Suarez: in Italy underserved media trial against Juventus

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Luis Suarez: in Italy underserved media trial against Juventus

Popular and undeserved media pillory against Juventus FC in Italy. The club was supposed to buy Luis Suarez from FC Barcelona, ​​but then, given the long time to buy the player, the club decided to invest in the return of Alvaro Morata.

However, in order to obtain Italian citizenship, Suarez needed a level of Italian B1: at the University of Perugia it would seem that the Uruguayan exam had been done with questions already set and decided before. Many believe that Juventus are behind this farce exam, but it is yet another media attack against the winning club of the last Italian Serie A.

It therefore accelerates the investigation into the exam taken by Luis Suarez last 17 September. Today the lawyer Luigi Chiappero, Juve's legal historian, and his colleague Maria Turco, from the same firm of Luigi Chiappero, were heard in the prosecutor's office in Perugia.

Chiappero and Turco were heard as people informed on the facts: Turco is the lawyer who materially followed the case with the director general of the Olivieri university, who is instead under investigation. Chiappero, for his part, witnessed one of the phone calls between his colleague and Olivieri.

"We reaffirmed the transparency of our professional work and contributed positively to the reconstruction of the facts in a positive and constructive meeting," said the lawyer. To the question: is Juve alien to the facts? the lawyer replied: Obviously, and then thanked the magistrates for having summoned them in a very short time and allowing them to provide their own version of the facts.

Popular and undeserved media pillory against Juventus FC in Italy

According to an important Italian newspaper, all the questions asked to the soccer player to obtain the B1 certificate had been anticipated to Suarez with a pdf sent via Teams.

In the hands of the investigators, in addition to the wiretaps already published, there are the printouts, the videos of the meetings via Teams of the teachers who had the aim of delivering the questions and making the Barcelona striker memorize the answers, now moved to Atletico Madrid.

Conversations via WhatsApp that have not been recovered are missing. Meanwhile, Raffaele Cantone, the chief prosecutor of Perugia, has decided to stop all investigative activities indefinitely from today. A sensational decision, however, matured after several days of anger over the leaks of news and documents.

The prosecutor also decided to open a file to ascertain any responsibility. "I am outraged by what has happened so far, including the gathering of the media today under the Prosecutor's Office. We will ensure that this does not happen again."

Already in recent days, Cantone had shown irritation at what he considers repeated violations of the confidentiality of the investigation. Among other things, the investigation was experiencing today a particularly crucial day with the interrogations, by people informed of the facts and not by suspects, of the Juve lawyers, Luigi Chiappero and Maria Turco, and with the conferment of tasks to the computer experts for work on PCs and mobile phones after Tuesday's searches. Probably that of Cantone is an attempt to avoid media pressure in a delicate moment of the investigation.