Roy Keane after the Man Utd debacle: Six players shouldn't play for this club anymore

"City is a great team and that's why they are champions"

by Sead Dedovic
Roy Keane after the Man Utd debacle: Six players shouldn't play for this club anymore

The Manchester derby, or in other words City's demonstration of power and the United's surrender, is an indicator that the Red Devils are not at the elite level of European football. Apart from the beautiful goal of Jadon Sancho, which is the characteristic of individual quality, we saw almost nothing from the guests at the Etihad, in any case, nothing positive.

The 4-1 defeat could have been more convincing, but when United legends and expert analysts Sky Gary Neville and Roy Keane came forward after the match, one thing came to the fore. United's resignation, which was actually the result of pure helplessness.

At the moment, Citizens and Devils are two different football universes, but there is no justification for tonight's edition of the fifth-placed Premier League team.
"The worst thing you can say about United is that the players have given up.

In any game, if you give up, it's really unforgivable. The beauty of a top-level sport is that there's no place to hide." "I know United have done some good things lately years, but today we saw all its flaws. Manchester City was very good in the second half, but there is a dignified way to lose football games ", Keane began and immediately continued: " You have players who do not contribute and who do not come back.

They stopped running and gave up. I can't understand that." "The coach will be criticized for the tactics, but there is no excuse for players playing for United and not coming back. they should never play for United again. It was a shame.


Manchester City dominance

City established a brutal dominance, which they eventually paid for with two goals by Kevin De Bruyne in the first half and the same amount directed by Riyad Mahrez over the next 45 minutes. "City is a great team and that's why they are champions.

You hoped that the changes could have a certain impact, but some players are simply not ready to run ..." "Wan Bissaka, Fred, Maguire, Rashford ... I could go on. Manchester City didn't have to play at the highest level. They could have scored at higher speeds." "They played with them like they did at Old Trafford.

It looked like the men were playing against the boys, "Keane continued in the same tone, so concluded: "United's history is built on character and personality. The club will never return to that stage. The white flag has been raised and that is the end.

It used to be unthinkable." Gary Neville was a little milder, but only a shade. "Manchester United's response when City took a 3-1 lead was embarrassing. The possession of the opponent's ball by 92 percent shows that the players gave up." "They walked on the field, and that was not even close enough.

City was absolutely extraordinary, especially in the second halftime, while in the last twenty minutes there was no effort or intensity at United. They threw in the towel in the last 25 minutes, "Neville said.

Roy Keane