Roman Abramovich's associate Piet de Visser: "Roman saved my life"

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Roman Abramovich's associate Piet de Visser: "Roman saved my life"

The way in which the British media and politicians treat Roman Abramovich and how much pressure is being exerted to stop all kinds of business on British soil as soon as possible has forced individuals to stand in his defense and protection.

Former Chelsea captain and living legend John Terry has been the target of call-outs and insults since he posted a photo with the Russian oligarch on social media with the message "The best boss in the world" Blues coach Thomas Tuchel also spoke positively about Abramovich during a one-minute round of applause in support of the victims of the war in Ukraine, they shouted the name and surname of the outgoing Chelsea owner.

Abramovich's personal adviser, a former Dutch football player and coach, and then a scout in Chelsea, Piet de Visser, went the furthest in words of praise. In a conversation with the Dutch media, he spoke as one of his closest associates about his relationship with Roman Abramovich and how the Russian businessman helped him when he was having the hardest time ...

"I know that what he is saying will come to my mind, but I will be glad if that is the reason for his anger. But I want to tell the truth about who Roman Abramovich really is ", says De Visser and continues: "Because he never talks in public, it creates an image of Roman being a cold person and it hurts me a lot because he is not like that."

"That's why I have to stand up for him. It is true that he is a man with a big heart, and the fact that he will pass on all the money from the sale of Chelsea to the victims of the war in Ukraine shows that unequivocally.


De Visser on Abramovich

The Dutchman does not hide how hard Abramovich's departure will be for everyone at the club and how much it will affect the future of Chelsea. "It will be a big blow, because he is an extremely important person in the history of the club.

People are constantly saying the wrong things about him and so a bad image is created. He is a warm person. " De Visser also revealed how much Abramovich helped him in the moments when he was fighting a vicious disease ...

"I remember very well how I felt when I had open heart surgery, and then when I had esophageal cancer. I was like a dead bird. I called Roman to tell him that I would have to retire and leave the position of scout."

"I will never forget what he said to me then: 'Pete, you can sign a new contract for ten or twenty years now, feel free to choose.' I was on the verge of death, and he tells me something like that." "Those words gave me extra strength to fight and heal, "De Visser recalls and continues: "Not to mention that he personally gave me time, no matter how long it took me to fully recover.

Plus I use his private yacht or hotel suite to take a break from it all. I can freely say that Roman saved my life in some way. "