Barcelona on the potential transfer of Erling Haaland

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Barcelona on the potential transfer of Erling Haaland

The drama in Dortmund due to the health condition of Erling Haaland did not reduce the intensity of speculations about where one of the most efficient young strikers of today could continue his career from the summer. His departure from Dortmund is practically no longer in question, but the only dilemma is which empire the strong offensive will side with.

After several days of intensive connections with Barcelona, ​​where the details of the alleged meeting of Xavi Hernandez and Joan Laporta with people from Haaland's closest surroundings in Munich were revealed, the president of Barcelona cooled the whole story by saying that there were no negotiations with the player or the club.

Laporta's reaction followed only a few hours, because Xavi did not want to confirm or deny that that meeting really took place. "In Barcelona, ​​we never negotiate with the player first, and if we talk about Haaland, we will do it with the club first."

"Xavi did not deny the stories? Well, I categorically deny them. If we talk, we will go in order, from Borussia Dortmund, and so on, "Laporta said, adding: "We are working on bringing in several players who can improve the team next season, the ones that the coach and directors have marked as the most important at the moment."

"We are already working on some jobs and planning further steps, but there have been no negotiations with the players. No informal meetings, nothing else. " The president of Barcelona claims that "he never talks to the player first, because that always automatically raises the price at the club"

"I know what reaction our attempt to talk to people from the players' environment would provoke, the clubs would immediately raise the price or even be repulsive towards us." "It is known who the people involved in the negotiations are, but we respect the order and always talk to the clubs first.

Did I talk to Mino Raiola? The two of us have a good relationship, but we would still leave the club first. "

Erling Haaland; Barca or Real Madrid

He also believes that a meeting on the possible transfer of Haaland could take place in the coming period and that "Barcelona could attract a player of such quality"

It should be reminded that days ago it was written that Laporta and Xavi allegedly proposed a five-year contract worth 190,000,000 euros gross at the mentioned meeting, where Haaland would earn 50,000,000 and 55,000,000 euros a year in the last two years.

Again, gross. While Laporta rejects that there have already been talks about Haaland, a little earlier the whole story was denied by the former member of the Norwegian national team, Jan Oge Fjortoft, otherwise a close friend of the Halland family, today an expert consultant on reputable television.

Fiertoft explained that there were really no talks between Haaland's entourage and the people from Barcelona, ​​and added that the Norwegian is currently between Manchester City and Real Madrid. "Real Madrid is definitely ahead of Barcelona.

But I think Real and Manchester City have equal chances to bring Erling. He would fit in perfectly with both clubs." "Barcelona is more than just one of the possibilities."