Giuseppe Marotta is mystical when it comes to the Super League

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Giuseppe Marotta is mystical when it comes to the Super League

Direct, precise. Despite all the difficulties that Inter is facing, Inter's general manager Beppe Marotta mostly speaks openly on all topics. However, one of them forced him to deviate from his well-known principles of functioning and be extra careful when it comes to what he will say to journalists.

This is, of course, the reactivation of the European Super League project. The excellent sports director and creator of the champion Juventus, who won Serie A nine times in a row, could not say anything specific on the topic of Inter's eventual entry into the project whose return was announced by the first man of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli.

He was not very eloquent either when he revealed that the megalomaniac endeavor was being worked on again, albeit in a slightly changed form from the one originally announced, but he said that "12 clubs have signed a 120-page document that is binding on 11 signatories.

”. The boot is widely rumored that the 12th club is in fact - Inter. And that he has already withdrawn from the story ... “Super League? Again, this topic started a great debate. We need to be precise and confident in what we say.

We are now focusing as much as possible on the current results, and then we will deal with this issue." "Our goal is to have a sustainable system within the club and we do everything we can to do that. Especially in this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic ", said Marota in the warm-up for the match with Salernitan and added: "Are we the 12th club that is no longer part of the project?" I would not give an answer to that question now.

We will talk about everything when the time is right. "

Inter goals

According to the latest information, the participants in the Super League should be - Real Madrid, Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčAtletico Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Juventus, and Milan.

While Inter's status is in the fog ... The current ruler of Serie A has been struggling in the last four rounds and missed several good opportunities to increase the points difference for the competition. They won only two points, which is why Napoli and Milan are equal to last year's champion on the table.

"Before the start of the season, Inzaghi said that the goal would be to finish the season among the four best teams in the championship." "We would like to be the first among the four best. In sports, you should not be afraid to hold the ladder very high.

We are doing everything we can to sew another star on the coat of arms at the end of the season ", said Marota, referring to the moment when the club won the 20th title of national champion and continued: "Don't forget that we had a big workload in January and February due to the club and national team obligations of our players. It is a difficult moment, but we must get out of this situation as soon as possible. "