Alexander Cheferin is furious at the re-attempt to create the Super League

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Alexander Cheferin is furious at the re-attempt to create the Super League

They were cleaned almost a year ago. Now they are back. For some, surprisingly, for others, as expected, only the representatives of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus used the sports and economic forum organized by the Financial Times to try to present the Superleague model through the back door.

This time as an open competition, in which there would be room for smaller clubs. At least on paper. It would be played in two groups, it was open, with relegation and promotion. And all that was nicely designed by Florentino Perez, Joan Laporta and Andrea Agnelli, forgetting that they lack UEFA support.

As things stand, they won't get it. Again. "If they play in the Super League, they will not participate in competitions organized by UEFA. One of the founders of the Super League called me to apologize, and then they gathered again ", categorically stated Alexander Cheferin The president of the European House of Football was also bothered by the timing of the actualization of the story that first appeared in April 2021, when a large part of the world public opposed the intentions of the football powers.

"If we are talking about the Super League, then we are not talking about football. I'm tired of this. The idea appeared in the pandemic, now in the middle of the war in Ukraine is talking about a new project."

"Just when we're working on something, they show up with this. They criticize the ECA and UEFA, but I have evidence that I was on their side only seven days before they first launched the idea of ​​establishing the Super League.

I repeat, if they play their competition, they will certainly not be ours. " Cheferin is especially bothered by the way Andrea Agnelli played him. Once a faithful collaborator, now a persona non grata. "Angeli is the usurper, the dictator, Putin of football.

Shameless man. War does not soften him either. "It's a shame," shouted the Slovenian.

Javier Tebas

Javier Tebas, the president of the Spanish La Liga, spoke in a similar tone at the same gathering. He even said in Angelli's face that he was lying!

"Only seven days ago, representatives of three clubs (Juventus, Real, Barcelona) met at the house of Andrea Agnelli to discuss a new plan for the establishment of the Super League." "Pr the league is divided into two categories, where the national championships would serve as a qualifier.

UEFA and the Premier League have made enemies." "They can say whatever they want, we know what their plan is. I get angry every time I read about it. To be honest, it seems to me that they are lying more than Vladimir Putin."

"hey say all the time that the Super League will not affect national competitions, however, it will. For me, it is an insult, because the establishment of the Super League would harm everyone," Tebas added.