Joan Laporta is not giving up on Erling Haaland

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Joan Laporta is not giving up on Erling Haaland
Joan Laporta is not giving up on Erling Haaland (Provided by Sport World News)

Erling Haaland will leave Borussia Dortmund next summer, while several clubs are eagerly awaiting his final decision. The strong Norwegian is still spending his days in Munich, where he is still recovering from the injury, which Xavi Hernandez and the Barcelona emissaries used to meet with the players' close circle.

The arrival of the young coach of Barcelona and the former captain for talks was seen in Spain as the most serious indicator of the desire to see Erling Haaland at the Camp Nou stadium. On that occasion, Quatro TV learned that the meeting was organized last Tuesday and that Haaland's trusted people were presented with a contract with the most important financial details, and Xavi told the top scorer through intermediaries that he would be the first figure in the new club project.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta is ready, in poker terms, to invest everything to complete the signature of one of the best young goal scorers of today. At the meeting with Mino Raiola, a proposal for a five-year contract worth an astronomical 190,000,000 euros gross was presented!

In the first year, the salary would amount to 20,000,000 euros, then 30,000,000, then 40,000,000 euros in the third season, while the last two would go to 50,000,000, or 55,000,000 European banknotes. Although it is a dizzying amount of money, Raiola immediately objected to Laporta's proposal, because it is not for Haaland to commit to such a long period due to the financially shaky position of Barcelona, ​​which is increasingly affecting the results.

It is obvious that Raiola is not so optimistic about Barca's future, which is why he offered as a correction that the contract should be binding for three years, with the option of automatic extension for another two seasons, if adequate sports results are met.

Haaland and offer

Haaland has not yet responded to Barcelona's offer, but he is well aware of what he will get if he agrees to a transfer to Catalonia. According to the mentioned source, Barcelona will try to oblige the Norwegian to send an answer in the next few weeks.

Far from being the only club that wants Haaland. Real Madrid has been doing everything for a long time to close the transfer, Manchester City is still hoping for a turnaround, while PSG and even Bayern Munich are still in the story, as the stay of Robert Lewandowski has become increasingly uncertain.

Laporta certainly has a good starting point as Raiola's business friend and will play that card for as long as he can. His idea is to get Barcelona back on its feet and he is willing to risk a lot to do so. The existence of a relatively low release clause in Haaland's contract - up to 70,000,000 euros is mentioned - would make that part of the job easier, but Barça wants to compete with the competition in all possible ways, even though they are probably in the weakest financial position.

But with the recovery of the market as the coronavirus subsides, there is optimism that the situation at the club will be better.

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