Roman Abramovich's Chelsea sale: the details

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Roman Abramovich's Chelsea sale: the details

Roman Abramovich has put Chelsea up for sale, as reported by the official website of the English club. Abramovich said: "I would like to address the media speculation in the last few days in relation to my Chelsea FC ownership.

As I stated earlier, I have always made decisions with the interest of the Club at heart. In the current situation, therefore, I have taken the lead. decision to sell the Club, as I believe this is in the best interest of the Club, the fans, the employees, as well as the Club sponsors and partners.

The sale of the Club will not be accelerated but will follow due process. I will not ask for any loans from For me it is never about business or money, but pure passion for the game and the club. In addition, I have commissioned my team to create a charitable foundation to which all net proceeds from the sale will be donated.

The foundation will benefit all war victims in Ukraine. This includes providing essential funds for the victims' urgent and immediate needs, as well as supporting long-term recovery work. ine. Please know that this has been an incredibly difficult decision to make and it pains me to part with the club in this way.

However, I believe this is in the best interest of the club. Hope to be able to visit Stamford Bridge one last time to greet you all in person. It has been a lifetime privilege to be a part of Chelsea and I am proud of all our joint achievements.

Chelsea Football Club and its fans will always be in my heart. Thanks, Roman."

Can De Ligt stay at Juventus?

Juventus defender Matthijs De Ligt seemed to have to leave the Italian club at the end of the season, to move to Barcelona or a British top club.

Now De Ligt opens the door to a stay at Juventus, despite Raiola's words a few months ago in which he said that the defender was ready for a new step. De Ligt said to the Dutch portal Rondo: "The club is giving me more and more responsibility.

Chiellini and Bonucci are often injured and there is more pressure on my shoulders, I like this. I realize that I can take on an important role, we are still in race on three fronts and I'm having a lot of fun here. I noticed that I learn every week and I like this a lot.

What Raiola said was 3 months ago, in this period of time many things can change. Now I'm concentrating completely on the finale of this season. The current season? At one point we were 14 points from first place, at which point we took the championship goal out of our heads.

We decided to focus on qualifying for the Champions League and started thinking match by match. Inter, Milan and Napoli have lost some points and now we are only at -7. A miracle would have to happen to win the Scudetto, but the situation has certainly improved compared to 13 games ago.

Cristiano Ronaldo? He left at the end of the transfer market and with him goodbye we lost 30 goals. Since it was so late, we couldn't immediately start with someone like Vlahovic. This thing penalized us at the beginning.

When I played against Dusan, I noticed how strong and technically good he was. He impressed me his motivation to score, he almost called his teammates if he didn't get the ball. We needed a striker like him. Did Marco Van Basten talk about the mistake made on Villarreal's goal? I've always played man to man at Ajax and I know how to do it.

You have a striker against you or a number 10 and you cancel it. That's where I think my greatest strength lies. But here in Italy it is different. For example, that goal against Villareal was a perfect example of my instinct which said: Take the man, while sometimes it is better to stay in position, the Italians are masters at this. "