Roman Abramovich sells Chelsea to a Swiss billionaire!

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Roman Abramovich sells Chelsea to a Swiss billionaire!

Chelsea for sale Russia is on the offensive against Ukraine, the European Union is on the offensive against everything that is Russian. The British authorities also directed their anger at the oligarchs who had been spreading around London for decades, so Roman Abramovich found himself in trouble and, according to the latest information, realized that he had nowhere to go - he would have to sell Chelsea.

The information was revealed by the Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss , who told the local Blik that he was offered to join an investment fund composed of six or seven people interested in taking over the Blues. The only problem is that they should collect more than two billion pounds, or more than 2,400,000,000 euros!

"Abramovich is trying to sell all his villas in England, and he also wants to get rid of Chelsea quickly. Me and three other people received an offer to buy Chelsea on Tuesday." "We'll have to wait four to five days now.

Abramovich is asking for too much. You know, Chelsea owes him two billion pounds. But Chelsea have no money. At the moment, we do not know the exact price ", said the 86-year-old Hansjörg Wyss, whose fortune is estimated at around five billion euros.

Hansjörg Wyss is entering Premier League

He himself says that he is interested in entering the Premier League, but all potential investors will probably wait to see how the situation unfolds, because Abramovich is burning under his feet.

Although he publicly says that he wants to stay at Chelsea, so he left the management of the club to trusted people who are not on the black list of Great Britain, it seems that the hosts will not leave him too many choices.

Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, Abramovich was not granted a visa to come to London. After the war broke out, it became essentially impossible for him to remain at the helm of the club. In such circumstances, we just waited to see which of the rich capitalists would be the first to appear as a savior.

Because if the price falls, and that will happen because of the nightmare in which Abramovich is, it could be a great investment. Hansjörg Wyss is not hiding it.. "I can imagine myself at Chelsea with my partners. But first I have to study the general conditions.

But what I can say right now: I am not the one who will get into this alone." "If I buy Chelsea, I will do it with a consortium of six to seven investors."