Mario Balotelli: "I am just as good as Messi or Ronaldo"

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Mario Balotelli: "I am just as good as Messi or Ronaldo"

It is clear to everyone that Mario Balotelli is a good striker - his next goal will be the 200th in the senior competition - but it seems only to him that he (was) so good that he can be on the same level with the two best in the 21st century, perhaps in history.

Although many claim that he has changed over time, that he has matured, that he is a stable person, the Italian of African descent is convinced that from the beginning of his career he possessed talent similar to Argentine and Portuguese, only habits prevented him from progressing.

That is why he is now playing in Turkey From there, he sends a message to the world that he could have been third on the pedestal of the untouchables. "I missed several opportunities to be at their level, but I am 100 percent sure that I am the same quality as Messi and Ronaldo.

Now I can't say how good I am as Cristiano, because the Portuguese has won the Golden Ball five times." "Nor can I compare myself to him and Messi. No one can. Although, if we talk exclusively about football qualities, I don't know why I would be jealous of them.

"I'm telling you honestly," Balotelli said in an interview with British Athletic. They used to call him Super Mario. Or he gave himself that nickname when he made his way onto the big stage in an Inter jersey (three tied Scudetto, Champions League, Italian Cup).

He then went to Manchester City, first winning the 2011 FA Cup, the following season and the Premier League. "My biggest mistake was leaving City. Even though I played really well in Milan for the next year and a half in the first season after leaving the Etihad, after that I was troubled by problems" "Now, as a senior player, I am aware that I should not have left Manchester.

Later, I was convinced that after me, City only progressed from year to year." "I could stay for a long time, for example Serio Kun Aguero. If it was my current mind then, I would probably have won the Golden Ball.

I am sure. Although, I realized that only when I matured. "

Title with Manchester City

The most valuable memory of his stay at the Etihad concerns the dramatic end of the championship, from the spring of 2012, when Manchester rivals raced, and City was the first to cross the finish line in the photo finish, defeating Queens Park Rangers with a goal by Sergio Kun Aguero assisted by Balotelli.

His only one in the Premier League that season. "I tell you honestly, I was not 100 percent convinced that we would be champions. I know we had a great team, but the others were just as good, like Manchester United."

"Many later approached me and asked if Queens Park let us go in the final minutes, my answer was no. The team from London really played that game of the last round with quality. " The goal for 3: 2 in compensation is so impressive that it is still circulating on the Internet today.

"It was the peak of my career. Emotionally, a more significant moment than winning the Champions League. Of course, when you become the European champion, that is the greatest achievement at the club level, however, the way we won the Premier League influenced my emotions to flow. Unreal. "