Official: Godin is the new player of Cagliari!

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Official: Godin is the new player of Cagliari!

At the end of the season, Conte told him to look for a new club and not to count on him, and the Uruguayan raised the anchor. Although a lot of clubs were looking for him, in the end he opted for Cagliari beyond all expectations.

Of course, Inter had to release him without compensation, but considering that he saved almost 15,000,000 euros (gross amount) for the remaining two years of his contract, it is clear why they did not insist on compensation.

Cagliari won the race with other interested parties thanks to a special trump card in the negotiations. Godin wanted to live in Sardinia, where his wife Sofia was born, since her father Oscar played for Cagliari in the 1990s, and the family moved to Cagliari.

The Uruguayan agreed to a salary twice lower than the one he had at Inter. He signed with Cagliari for three years for 2,500,000 euros per season, which is a huge contract for the budget of the club from Sardinia. And soon another son-in-law Cagliari could join him from Inter.

Naingolan's wife Claudia was battling cancer

Radja Nainoglan hopes that Cagliari will buy him from Inter for 12,000,000 euros. The Belgian gained football affirmation in this club, where he met his wife and fell in love with the city and the people.

From Cagliari, he went to Roma, and then to Inter, from where he returned to Sardinia this summer due to a bad relationship with Conte, to be with his wife Claudia, who was battling cancer, and she wanted to be surrounded by family and friends in that fight.

She succeeded, she beat cancer, and Naingolan returned to his former form with great games. Cagliari wants to buy him, he wants to stay, and Inter is in the mood if the offer is 12,000,000. Godin and Nangolan as a duo would be great in the Cagliari team, but at the moment Naingolan can only wait for the reaction of Cagliari who has to give 12 million euros for the midfielder.

Cagliari had a great start last season, they had a lot of good games but as expected in the second half of the season there was a drop in Cagliari's game.

Now they want to enter the season much more seriously and try to attack the top of the table.

New players are necessary for such a feat. We will soon find out if Naingolan will become a member of this team after Godina.