Joan Laporta expects Ousmane Dembele to accept the new contract

Laporta: The contract extension does not depend on me

by Sead Dedovic
Joan Laporta expects Ousmane Dembele to accept the new contract

Last winter he almost became a persona non grata at the Nou Camp, but now in Barcelona they are openly inviting Ousmane Dembele to stay at the club and extend his contract, which expires in a few months. The first man of the Catalans, Joan Laporta, took the first step towards reconciliation with the fast-footed Frenchman, when he hopes to consider the offer that is still on his table.

Xavi Hernandez was responsible for Dembele wearing the Barcelona jersey in the second part of the season, and the Frenchman returned it to him with impressive games. He recorded an assist against Valencia, and then a goal and two assists against Bilbao.

"Dembele knows our offer and we have always wanted him to stay at the club. I hope he will reconsider it at the end of the season. You can't rule anything out in football." "Look: he didn't play first, and now he plays very well.

But the contract extension does not depend on me, "Laporta said. In addition to Dembele, Laporta praised the rest of the team, singleing out Pedri, but also coach Xavi, with whom he believes he can even reach the championship title, regardless of the fact that Real Madrid is 15 points away.

"Pedri is destined to be one of the best in the world, if not the best, but he knows he has to put in a lot of effort." "This is the road to success. I've been saying for some time that winning the title is one of our goals this season." "We are aware that it is difficult because at the beginning of the season we were not as good as we are now," added Laporta.

Xavi managed to revive the team in an exceptional way in the second part of the season, although at the beginning it seemed that he was in a hopeless situation.

President Laporta

The Catalans are impressive and in the last seven days they have averaged four goals in three matches, knocking out Napoli from the Europa League in the meantime.

Let us remind you, President Joan Laporta was ready to sanction the Frenchman, even to dismiss him to the detriment of the club, and at least to send him to the stands, but there will be nothing from all that. The main role in calming the passions was played by coach Xavi, who had a conversation with the first man of the club, after which it was decided that Dembele would be in competition for the team later in the season.

It now seems that Xavi will be the main factor in the eventual final negotiations regarding the extension of the player's contract, who arrived at the Nou Camp in 2017 from Borussia Dormund as one of the world's greatest talents for a huge 140,000,000 euros.

But, instead of progress on the field, he started a series of mischief, due to which he not only did not prove himself in Barcelona, ​​but also created a huge stagnation in development.

Ousmane Dembele