The turning point: Kylian Mbappe now wants to stay at PSG?

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The turning point: Kylian Mbappe now wants to stay at PSG?

At one point, Kylian Mbappe was "already seen" at Real Madrid from next summer. Then something started to go wrong, so it came to the point that the Royal Club sent an ultimatum to the French striker that he had to declare himself by a certain deadline.

As the pendulum started to move backward, now the situation is such that it is not impossible for Mbappe to stay in Paris. L'Equipe writes about that, saying that the leaders of the Saints are on a great offensive and that Kylian is no longer so untouchable for negotiations.

In the match against Saint-Etienne, Mbappe reached the number of 156 goals for PSG. And the journalists "pulled" him on thin ice by asking if he would be there to break the absolute club record of 200 goals held by Edinson Cavani.

"We will see. "We will see what happens," Mbappe replied. It was a sufficient sign for the French to start "picking" and find out that Mbappe's departure from Paris is no longer "one hundred percent". He has reportedly not yet made a decision.

And, the pressure of the club is getting stronger, it was written in the previous days that the goal scorer of the Saints received an offer that is not rejected - a blank check, to write how much salary he wants just to stay at Prince's Park.

Kylian Mbappe and Champions League

Maybe in the end, however, before the money, he will prevail over the result in the Champions League. If PSG goes all the way, finally lift the trophy, it could be a turning point for Mbappe to stay in Paris.

If the Saints run out of cups this time as well, Real's chances will jump even further. Maybe at this moment Real Madrid fans will cheer that PSG will not succeed in its intention It is certain that PSG has a good chance of winning the Champions League, but of course there are many quality teams that can ruin their plans, and it will be very difficult to achieve such a goal.

What is clear is that they have quality, they have top players and a top coach, but sometimes even that is not enough for a trophy. Kylian Mbappe has wanted to go to Madrid for a long time, but we will see if PSG will be so convincing. Real Madrid will also be on the move, which must offer Mbappe conditions that would convince him to come.