Roman Abramovich left the club to a humanitarian organization

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Roman Abramovich left the club to a humanitarian organization

The war in Ukraine provoked the anger of most Western European countries towards Russia, especially in Great Britain, which led to the introduction of sanctions. As a man close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was quickly targeted by British politicians.

He was allegedly asked to publicly condemn Putin's decisions to attack Ukraine or be expelled from the Britain, and all property he has there has been confiscated. In order for the club not to suffer, Abramovich decided to resign from his leadership, which he published on the Chelsea website.

"During Chelsea's almost 20 years of leadership, I have always believed that my role is to be the keeper of the club, that my job is to enable us to be as successful as we can, as well as to lay the foundations for the future and have a positive role in the community."

is Abramovich. The trustees of Chelsea's humanitarian organization will take care of the London Blues. It is hard to believe that this means that the Russian will not ask anything more in making big decisions. "I have always made decisions that are in the interest of the club.

I remain committed to these values. That is why today I leave the management and care of Chelsea to the trustees of the Chelsea Charitable Foundation." "I believe they are currently in the best position to take care of the club, players, staff and fans."

it says in a statement.

Roman Abramovich and Chelsea

This is not the first time that 55-year-old Abramovich has been targeted by the British authorities and the public, but the mentioned ban on entering the country is not very feasible, since he has an Israeli passport in addition to the Russian one.

We will see if the withdrawal from the leading position will be enough or if there will be pressure for Abramovich to sell Chelsea. Bloomberg has already written that several investment funds from the United States are ready to pay an estimated 1,800,000,000 euros.

During 19 years, under the leadership of the Russian oligarch, Chelsea won 21 trophies, the most important of which are two Champions Leagues. There are also two Europa Leagues, five English titles ... Many are still wondering how realistic this is, and believe that Abramovich will still have his fingers in everything.

Chelsea's greatest success came under his leadership, and if Abramovich really disappears from the scene, Chelsea will have big problems. Let's wait until we find out more specific information