Walter Sabatini criticized Mourinho, Donnarumma, Vlahovic

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Walter Sabatini criticized Mourinho, Donnarumma, Vlahovic

Walter Sabatini is an old fox of Italian football. He was not a great football player, nor a member of the Italian national team, but his word, after strong engagements in a rich career as a sports director, has weight in the Apennines.

The former first operative of Roma and Inter, and the current head of the Salernitana sports sector, spoke for the Italian Corriere dello Sport in his manner, without choosing words, and one of the best young strikers and one of the best young goalkeepers in Europe and for the same reason - the way they broke up with the clubs where they exploded.

"Vlahovic's departure from Fiorentina to Juventus? It was not a noble thing, in fact, an inadmissible move. How come you have no gratitude to the club that believed in you." "The same goes for Donnarumma and Milan.

In those clubs they got a chance, they started to play. So much about human qualities, "Sabatini said. However, there are differences in the cases of Vlahović and Donnarumma, since the Serbian goal scorer, despite the fact that he refused to extend the cooperation and the biggest contract in the history of Fiorentina, still filled the Tuscan club's coffers with about 80,000,000 euros.

Donnarumma also refused to extend his contract, but left the club as a free agent and the Rossoneri were left without a cent.

Sabatini on Jose Mourinho

The difference is that the young Italian left Italy and strengthened Paris Saint-Germain, and Vlahović joined the most hated team from Viola's point of view - among other things, Sabatini alluded to that fact.

The 66-year-old Italian continued to criticize, but switched from players to coaches, ie one of the most criticized experts on Boots, Jose Mourinho, who is rumored to be overwhelmed by time, to have been read and to fail to change anything in his football philosophy.

. "He is a successful actor, but I want to see real football. He will be able to reply to me that he won everything and I did not win anything." "He is good for a certain type of team, for a certain context and goal.

I look at the results. He comes out of every defeat alone, leaving the players on the bonfire." "All this is very questionable. This is a transitional year, and working in Roma is a special kind of reality. After the introductory season, Mourinho will try to fix things, but certainly not with the players like Sergui Oliveira ", Sabatini does not like the moves of the Roma sports sector that he led in the middle of the last decade.