Roman Abramovich sells Chelsea? Interested businessmen are waiting

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Roman Abramovich sells Chelsea? Interested businessmen are waiting

Shortly after the first bombs fell on Ukrainian soil, certain stakeholders raised their voice about the expulsion of Russian billionaire and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich from British football and the confiscation of all property in Great Britain.

Shortly afterwards, speculations began about the possible sale of Chelsea, which Abramovich bought in 2003 and turned the club with a tradition into a football giant. The Russian oligarch is connected with the president of that country, Vladimir Putin, otherwise a close friend.

This is exactly what the man who gained his wealth from oil exploitation during the 1990s is most resented. Not only that, the British Times states that Abramovich received a "recommendation" to condemn Putin's maneuver in order to avoid harsh sanctions and even expulsion.

It should be reminded that the owner of Chelsea has been a thorn in the side of the British authorities for years, who are trying to drive him away in every way, he was even denied a request to extend his visa, but as a citizen with an Israeli passport he has the opportunity to enter the country.

The Prime Minister of the Great Britain, Boris Johnson, has already given permission for the strictest package of sanctions to Russia, but the first man of Chelsea has so far avoided any measures. Regardless, there is a lot of discussion about the question - will Roman Abramovich really sell Chelsea? Information is coming from the Brtian that the interest in the club from Stamford Bridge has drastically increased since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, and allegedly there are buyers as well.


Bloomberg reports that several investment funds, primarily from the United States, are ready to take control of Chelsea, and pay Abramovich an estimated 1,800,000,000 euros! However, the Russian billionaire has not yet officially announced the issue of leaving the club after 19 years in which he won 21 trophies, of which two Champions Leagues and one Europa League, and five English titles.

The same source claims that Abramovich has already received an official inquiry from an unnamed fund, while the club has denied the news. Abramovich's fortune is estimated at almost 12,000,000,000 euros. Allegedly, for his expulsion from the Britain are Labor, who believe that this businessman has nothing to look for on British soil.

There is also a rumor that the Immigration Service has clear instructions to prevent the Chelsea owner from putting Great Britain as the base of his business. Abramovich owns a property on the island near the royal residence of Kensington, worth over 150,000,000 euros.

While he was not announcing himself, his daughter Sofia has already announced on social networks that Russia does not want a war with Ukraine, but only Vladimir Putin, and that "the biggest lie is that the Russian people are with the president."