There is little left until the end of the Kylian Mbappe transfer saga!

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There is little left until the end of the Kylian Mbappe transfer saga!

Real Madrid is sitting still and waiting for the moment to complete the transfer and officially confirm it After the unsuccessful attempt of Real Madrid last summer to complete the mega transfer worth 200,000,000 euros, many said that this will be a long season for Kylian Mbappe.

The time when his contract with Paris Saint-Germain will end is slowly running out, in Paris, they are not giving up their intention to extend Mbappe's stay, and according to the Madrid Marca, he refused the last in a series of attempts to make it happen.

Namely, Mbappe rejected the blank check of the Paris club and the club's guarantee that the complete PSG project will be focused on him. That meeting took place last week, but the answer of one of the best offensive players of today was again - no.

As it is stated, PSG offered Mbappe a two-year contract, with the proviso that he would be allowed to leave after the first year, ie after the World Cup in Qatar is over. The reason why they are so persistent in Prince's Park that they keep Mbappe until the World Cup is very simple - money.

If the Frenchman left before that championship, the club would lose an enormous amount of money in the name of various sponsorship and marketing rights and contracts. Because we should not remind that PSG is Qatari investors.

That is why the French-Qatari alliance was organized in order to preserve Mbappe for at least another year at all costs. Let us remind you, the top of the French state is allegedly included in the whole story, more precisely the president of that country, Emanuel Macron, who is close to the management of PSG.

However, the fast-footed offensive player was maximally isolated from all speculations, stories, and conversations on the topic of the future because he wants to fulfill all obligations until the end of the contract, whether he stays or not.

Kylian Mbappe and Madrid

He is doing his job almost perfectly, as he is recording his career season with 36 goals distributed through goals and assists, while
with the goal against Real Madrid in the 93rd minute of the first match of the eighth-finals of the Champions League, PSG pushed one foot towards the next phase.

The dedication of the world champion in Russia in 2018 is extremely appreciated in Madrid. Real's leading people understand that PSG is still better at the moment and that Mbappe's goal celebration proves his respect for the club, the fans, and the jersey he wears than that he wanted to send a negative message to Blancos.

That is why, as Marca vividly describes it, Real applauds him. And he is waiting with peace for the moment when he will close the business. It will most likely happen after the rematch, but it all depends on Mbappe's wish.

That is, whether he will let time run out until the end, in order to leave the focus on probably the last attempt to finally win the Champions League with PSG, because otherwise a lot of dust would rise. The soap opera is not over yet, but its end can be seen on the horizon. Kilian Mbape has the last word.