USA women soccer team got equal pay

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USA women soccer team got equal pay

US Soccer Federation has pledged to pay the women's national soccer team on an equal footing with the men's team. Now victory and wage equality have finally arrived. The statement said: "From now on Us Soccer is committed to paying the same prizes and bonuses for the women's and men's national teams in all friendlies and tournaments, including the World Cup."

As reported by Sky Sport Italy, 28 footballers of the US women's national soccer team world champion in France in 2019, had filed a class action against the American football federation, for discrimination against equal pay with male colleagues.

Joe Biden, USA President, said on Twitter: "This is a long awaited victory in the battle for equal pay. I am proud of the US women's soccer team for never giving up, on and off the pitch. Now let's close the gap.

wages in all industries. " Megan Rapinoe said: "It's a really great day. I think we will look back on this new day and say that this is the time when American football has changed for the better. Such a thing will never happen again and we can move forward in the to make football the best possible sport in this country.

It is a victory for the new generations."

Wayne Rooney: "I Thought I Was Killing Someone Or Dying Me"

Wayne Rooney, former Manchester United striker, talked about alcohol problems, fights and some anecdotes in a documentary released for the BBC.

He said: "Ten or 15 years ago you couldn't walk into a locker room and say: I have alcohol problems, I have mental problems. It just couldn't be. I used to come home with a black eye and I was only 12. Been the girls, or driving drunk, all of the things I did.

I could have killed someone or died myself. I was really going through a bad time. I knew I needed help, to save myself and my family. One day I was going through the road with a bottle of cider. My time coach, Colin Harvey, sees me and lets me pass.

The next day he takes me aside and says: you are the greatest talent I have ever seen at your age, don't waste it. At 16, against Arsenal, I was charged up on the bench, I said to myself: I want to score a goal when I am 16.

If I come in and I have only one chance, I shoot on goal. At 18 I felt I was the best player in the world, and at the time I think I really was. At the 2006 World Cup, I was injured, but no I hadn't told anyone, not even our physiotherapists.

When I returned to the locker room after being sent off, I smashed a few things. I felt lonely as ever. As the game went on without me, I thought: if we qualify, I'll skip the semifinal and maybe even the final. If we go out, it's my fault.

In the summer of 2010 we had sold Ronaldo and Tevez: I was the only one left, as a high profile player. I walk into Ferguson's office and ask him what's going on. He tells me to leave. Then I ask to be sold. But I was right, as soon as Sir Alex retired everything collapsed, and they're still picking up the pieces."