Shevchenko: "Proud of my people and my country"

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Shevchenko: "Proud of my people and my country"

According to Sky Sport Italy, former soccer star Andriy Shevchenko, with a post on social media and the image of the borders of his country, Ukraine, supported his country, threatened by the winds of war with Russia in the last hours.

"I have always been proud of my people and my country. We have been through many difficult times and in the last 30 years we have formed as a nation. A nation of sincere, hardworking and freedom-loving citizens. This is our most important asset.

Today. it is a difficult time for all of us. But we must unite! Together we will win, glory to Ukraine! " Oleksandr Zinchenko of Manchester City, said: "The whole civilized world is worried about the situation in my country.

I cannot remain indifferent and I want to assert my point of view. My country is in the picture. That country where I was born. and grown up. A country whose colors I defend on the international sports scene. A country we are trying to make famous and develop.

A country whose borders must remain intact. My country belongs to the Ukrainians and no one will ever be able to take it. We will not give up. Glory to Ukraine. " Douglas Costa, former player of Shakhtar Donetsk, added: "It is a political issue and we who play are not so informed.

The truth is that I hope that things will change and that Ukraine will return to the way it was before. This country is in mine. heart, which is now in pieces for this situation. I am very sorry because Ukraine has given me so many things, that's where it all started.


Christian Eriksen: "I want to be at the FIFA 2022 World Cup!"

Christian Eriksen, after cardiac arrest during Euro 2020, and the termination of his contract with Inter, joined the English club Brentford.

Here are his statements during the presentation: "I took the time I needed. That's why I didn't do interviews. I focused on family. We had few conversations with the manager of the club on the phone. He wanted me to come here.

One of the first things I said to my cardiologist was that my goal is to be fit for the World Cup, hopefully. There are still many months left, a long wait. I will do everything I can. I want first of all to help the club to stay in the Premier League.

I'm here to help the team. I feel normal, the only problem is in the airports, with the security systems. I hope that over time we will talk more and more about football and less about the boy he had something in the summer.

I hope they treat me like everyone else. I have been given the green light. People don't have to worry about me as a person or as a player. I don't fight, so it doesn't matter. It will be a gradual process, I don't expect play 90 minutes right away, but I hope it doesn't take long.

If there had been any worries I would not have returned to play. I feel 100% ready to return. He was the first person I saw when I got out of the taxi. It was a little weird. I think he was also surprised you were here. I've always had a good relationship with Conte."