Tuchel on Romelu Lukaku: "Chelsea doesn't seem to be the right place for strikers"

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Tuchel on Romelu Lukaku: "Chelsea doesn't seem to be the right place for strikers"

Romelu Lukaku's game against Crystal Palace over the weekend and his poor form, in general, has been one of the hottest topics in Britain in the past two days. The Belgian striker had only seven touches with the ball at Selhurst Park, which led British journalists to go into deeper analysis and try to establish the reason for the weak releases of the most expensive reinforcement in the history of Chelsea.

The coach of the London team, Thomas Tuchel, could not avoid the same question at the press conference before the first match of the eighth-finals of the Champions League with Lille. "He is in the spotlight and we will protect him.

Sometimes it is the same with strikers when they are fighting with self-confidence and lack of space against a great defensive team." "Of course, that is not what we want and what Romelu wants, but it is not the time to laugh at him and make jokes about him, "Tuchel said.

Tuchel reminded that Lukaku is not the first striker who did not manage in Chelsea. Andriy Shevchenko, Fernando Torres, Michy Batshuayi, Alvaro Morata, and even the most recent example, Timo Werner, for each of them, the Blues paid a huge amount of money, which they later failed to justify.

"There is a history of players who did not make a name for themselves at Chelsea, so this is obviously not the best place for strikers. I don't know exactly why that is, but obviously, it is."

Thomas Tuchel on Romelu Lukaku

However, Tuchel admitted that there are several reasons why Lukaku does not shake the nets as often as expected.

One of them is that his teammates fail to create enough opportunities for him. "We are looking for many of our attackers in defense. We want to be a physically strong and hard-working group. We are currently struggling to create many great chances for our attackers."

"So, we understand everything and we are aware that, as always, there is no problem things ", concluded the German expert. We will see if Romelu Lukaku will "work" after all. It is clear that the Belgian has the quality and everything a striker needs, but it seems that he cannot show his quality in the Premiership.

Whether it’s because of the creativity of other players, or because there are some other reasons, we still don’t know. Tuchel will have to find a solution for Lukaku as soon as possible