Giuseppe Marotta for Sky about problems at Inter, players, contracts

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Giuseppe Marotta for Sky about problems at Inter, players, contracts

In an interview with Sky, the Executive Director of Nerazzurri referred to the current events in the Champions' House The crisis is shaking the walls of the champion's home. In a month, Inter created a problem for itself, and from a distinct favorite who confidently and unstoppably steps towards the Scudetto, they became only one of the three candidates.

The sudden fall of Nerazzurri is the topic of the day in the Italian media, and one of the architects of the champion Inter - Giuseppe Marotta, spoke about it. In an interview with Italian Sky, the executive director of the Milan team referred to yesterday's defeat by Sassuolo, but also to the current events at the club, including the situation with the players' contracts.

First of all - about the crisis.
"There are moments in life and sport when you have to be aware of suffering. We are in that situation right now. We have to have the strength and commitment to continue what we have done so far by working even harder."

"Our position in the table is important and I am aware that we have yet to play one game. We have already won the Super Cup and played spectacular football-" " We do not want excuses. We must be aware that we have to enter the rest of the season as protagonists.

This is our role. We have to work hard with a big dose of self-confidence, knowing that the championship race will be decided in the last kilometer, "Marotta told Sky. Inter ended Juventus' long-term rule with Antonio Conte on the bench, but parted ways with the temperamental expert this summer due to disagreements over transfer policy and replaced him with Simone Inzaghi.

"He is a great professional, very thorough. He does absolutely everything that is required of him. Yesterday's defeat was deserved and he will give us the motivation to analyze what was wrong." "The team has clear goals.

We are defenders of the title and we must aim at the Scudetto and another star on the coat of arms. "

Giuseppe Marotta on Lautaro Martinez

The crisis is especially noticeable with Lautaro Martinez, Inter's top scorer this season, who has been fasting in Serie A since mid-December.

"I repeat what Inzaghi said after the match. Ups and downs are a normal thing for a striker. Lautaro is showing real commitment day by day." "He is missing a goal, which is the most important thing. It is up to the team and the coach to support him.

We hope so he will be the champion we all know again. " The problem that Marotta specifically has to deal with is the contracts of Samir Handanović and Ivan Perišić, two football players who are playing an important role in Inzaghi's team this season.

"We are happy to have two great professionals like them in the team. They should be admired for everything they do every day, which also applies to others like Andrea Ranocchia and many others." "We will open negotiations with them soon.

They deserve it and we will have to sit together because they have shown that they deserve to wear this jersey ", concluded Marotta.