Simone Inzaghi furious: "This way we can't win the Scudetto"

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Simone Inzaghi furious: "This way we can't win the Scudetto"

Inter coach Simeone Inzaghi was disappointed with his players after the defeat by Sassuolo. "I am very angry about the approach to the game because we had three days since the match on Wednesday against Liverpool."

"We talked about Sassuolo beating Juve and Milan away, they play great football and we had to be careful," said Inzaghi, adding: "We tried to do everything in the second half, created so many chances and we were unlucky, but the fact is that we should have had a different approach.

Sassuolo had excellent technical quality, they were fresher physically and that was obvious." The bad period is behind Inter, defeats by Milan, Liverpool, and now Sassuolo. The fight for the Scudetto is open. Neither Milan nor Napoli are convincing in the last round.

"We will analyze the situation, we know that we have 13 more games ahead of us. The fact is that a team that wants to win the scudetto cannot have the approach we had. " In the last six games of Serie A, Inter had 110 shots on goal and scored only six goals, including 30 attempts in a duel with Sassuolo.

Lautaro Martinez continued with desperate games, the Argentine has been fasting for a long time, he is in a great goal-scoring crisis. "I don't think there is any anxiety, the great champions are used to these games.

I think there was a lack of sharpness, there was some fatigue, both physical and mental."

Strikers of Inter and Scudetto

Many criticize Lautaro Martinez, but also Edin Dzeko. However, Inzaghi has confidence in his striking tandem "My professional staff and I tried to focus the players this week, but we conceded two early goals."

"We don't usually allow it. We remain the most efficient team in Serie A and I believe we will score again. When you are a striker and you don't score, you just have to stay calm, the goal will come," said the former Lazio striker and coach who came to Inter last summer.

Inter have a good chance this season, but it seems that the competition has never been bigger and it will be difficult to reach the Scudetto. Also in the game are Milan, Napoli and Atalanta, which can cause problems. Nothing is over yet and there is a lot until the end of the season.

The nuances will decide in the end, and we should definitely look forward to such a race, considering that this is what Serie A lacked.