Real Madrid gives ultimatum to Mbappe: "Either come, or we don't want you anymore"

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Real Madrid gives ultimatum to Mbappe: "Either come, or we don't want you anymore"

It seemed at one point that it was a done deal, that Kylian Mbape and Real Madrid were just waiting for the winter transfer window to end so that they could triumphantly announce that they had an agreement for the summer.

But, it seems that not everything is so white for the Royal Club ... The offer has been on Mbappe's desk for a long time, but there is no answer. The Paris Saint-Germain football player has not yet said "yes" and that is slowly starting to shake the nerves of the leaders of the Royal Club.

Moreover, according to the English Times, which is even referred to by the Spanish media, Real Madrid sent an ultimatum to Mbappe: either he will soon declare and accept the offer or he will never wear the jersey of the Madrid giant, which is the young Frenchman's biggest football dream.

Real Madrid has everything that would attract Mbappe to wear a white jersey, only one thing is on the side of Paris Saint-Germain - money. Even the biggest club in the world can't say how much the Saints are ready to pay Kylian to stay in Prince's Park.

And, allegedly, the offer that PSG gave to Mbappe: a two-year contract during which he would earn 25,000,000 euros per year, with strong bonuses, as well as a part of the money from marketing, from using his name. When you add it all up, you get a sum that Messi would hardly refuse.

PSG and Kylian Mbappe

Why is Mbappe so important to PSG? It is not just a question of undoubted football qualities, according to which the fast striker is certainly in the Top 5 players in the world at the moment. It is also a matter of club prestige, reputation because it is a serious blow to the face when one of your biggest rivals takes one of your biggest stars for free since the Frenchman's contract expires in the summer.

That is why PSG is ready for anything just to keep Mbappe in the City of Light. They are aware of that in Real as well, Now or never. Because the people of Madrid have already risen once in a similar saga in order to bring the Frenchman.

It is the year 2017, when it was certain that Kylian would leave Monaco, the only question was where he would go. And then the contract was almost already typed at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, jerseys with his last name were almost not on sale, but ...

They are also preparing Plan B for Real, and it is run under the name - Erling Haaland. If Mbappe does not end up in the capital of Spain, Madrid will throw all their strength to bring the Norwegian from Dortmund. Who was also at one point "seen" as the future leader of the Barcelona attack ...