PSG director, Leonardo, is angry with the referee after the match with Nantes

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PSG director, Leonardo, is angry with the referee after the match with Nantes

Three balls in the net of Paris Saint-Germain turned out to be an unattainable advantage for Nantes, and the leader of the French championship suffered the second defeat in the championship this season. The blow given by the Canaries to the guests did not have a great impact on the Parisians, having in mind a great point advantage over the competitors, but Leonardo had reason for dissatisfaction.

However, the director of Paris Saint-Germain found the culprits for the defeat out of his ranks. "Dennis Appiah did not receive a yellow card when a penalty was awarded to Mbappe, and the second card would exclude him.

There were a lot of refereeing mistakes after our players." "But no, he said: 'No, it's Mbappe and Neymar, I don't give anything. It's [Lionel] Messi and PSG, I don't give anything'.. We accepted defeat, we will learn a lesson from it ", said Leonardo.

With the defeat, the Parisians overshadowed the recent victory against Real (1: 0) in the Champions League. "There were a lot of mistakes, things we didn't do. We need to know after the Champions League game to play adequately in the domestic championship as well."

"But, with the referee, today, it has been like a 'poum poum poum, I'm shooting at you' "I didn't say that [we lost because of him]. Don't start. Look at the images and then judge. We lost, but I'm talking about facts of the game that were very clear to me.

But if you don't agree, I respect it. It's my opinion."

Leonardo on players responsibility

Although he put the emphasis on other factors, Leonardo did not release the players from responsibility either. "I didn't like many things in our game.

The coach and the players will talk about it, I don't want to judge on a technical level. Otherwise we don't lose 1: 3, but if you are strong you have to get out of this." "The players have started to think that it is impossible to rise, and then the referees contributed.

The chief arbitrator did not even want to talk, he had the attitude that he knows everything. We ask for a little respect. " Asked whether Paris Saint-Germain was defeated because of referee Leonardo, he answered in the negative.

"I didn't say that. Don't start, look at the footage so we can talk about the refereeing." Not even the three goals conceded were the reason for Leonardo to point out the players as the culprits. "We can say that we lost the match, that we needed to get out of certain situations ...

We created ten chances. Ten chances! Unfortunately, we did not succeed. We accept that, but I am talking about facts that are very clear to me," he said. Leonardo.