Romelu Lukaku: Tuchel does not know how to use the advantages of the Belgian?

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Romelu Lukaku: Tuchel does not know how to use the advantages of the Belgian?

A goal on his comeback debut in the London derby with Arsenal, then two more goals two rounds later against Aston Villa. Romelu Lukaku gave Chelsea fans a reason for euphoria in the opening month of his second term at Stamford Bridge, hinted that the European champions could heal the pain in front of the opponent's goal caused by Timo Werner's apparent lack of confidence in the final, and it turned out that Thomas Tuchel got another version of the German footballer, only in a different form.

And what is interesting; Lukaku is more than twice as expensive. Few in West London this summer questioned the € 113,000,000 transfer from Inter. Big Boom regained his faith in Boots, shaken by the constant criticism of the English public during the period at Manchester United.

In fact, it was Antonio Conte who finally taught him to use the greatest advantage, physical superiority and back play in the best possible way.
As a final product of Conte's mentorship, 64 goals arrived in two years at Giuseppe Meazza.

Lukaku was scoring constantly, without long breaks, and was one of the most deserving for Inter's long-awaited scudetto. Chelsea is not waiting so long for the seventh title in the Premier League, at the end of this season it will be five years since the last one, but the Blues camp believed that Lukaku was a piece missing from Tuchel's puzzle, a striker capable of ending the actions of teammates from Sunday to Sunday.

knew the season before. Lukaku, listen carefully, in 90 minutes of football against the city rival, had only SEVEN touches with the ball. Two in the first half, one of which during the initial kick from the center during the first whistle of the referee.

Of those seven, none in the opponent's penalty area.

Romelu Lukaku body language

Powerless, cut off, "locked up" . Or is it not Lukaku's fault? His body language is not the best, far from it, he admitted in a controversial holiday interview for Italian Sky that his wish was to stay at Inter and that one day, while he is still in full force, he will return to Nerazzurri, but he In the same conversation, he clearly stated that he was not satisfied with the situation in the club and Tuchel's decision to, as he said, "play with some other system"

There are also Chelsea fans who criticized him after the game with Palace, but there were also those, and not a small number, who stood in his defense. "He doesn't get the ball, I don't blame him at all. Sar and Christensen, as defenders, don't center at all," wrote one fan, "Tuchel doesn't know how to use him We will see, however, whether Tuchel will know how to use Romelu Lukaku and whether the Belgian will start playing as expected of him..