Luis Suarez thanked Leo Messi after leaving for Atletico

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Luis Suarez thanked Leo Messi after leaving for Atletico

Yesterday he said goodbye to Barcelona in an emotional way, today he developed a smile and initialed a two-year contract with Atletico Madrid! The transfer of Luis Suarez is certainly one of the biggest and best deals this fall in the football market.

The impression is that the Catalans easily gave up the third best scorer in the history of the club (198 goals in 283 matches), that is, that the Rohiblancos pulled out a real straight prize and got, according to many, the best striker of today.

Even when the price for which Suarez changed his jersey is included in the whole story (only 6,000,000 euros, and that through bonuses), we can state that Atletico literally "robbed" Barca. Suarez arrived in Madrid this morning and went directly to the Navarre clinic, where he successfully passed the medical examination.

He then went to the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, where he initialed a contract worth a total of 15,000,000 euros for two years. The Uruguayan did training with his new club friends this afternoon, and his teammate from the national team, Jose Gimenez, did not welcome him as planned, as he is recovering from the coronavirus.

For the same reason, Cholo Simeone was not in training either, but he had a telephone conversation with Suarez and wished him good luck.

He will take the number 9

Madrid media state that the new striker will take the number nine, that is, that he will make his debut for Atletico after only two training sessions (Friday and Saturday).

Diego Costa is expected to start against Granada on Sunday, and Suarez will get a chance in the continuation. Interestingly, Suarez has not yet officially addressed Athletic fans, but he did respond to Leo Messi ("It will be weird to see you in another jersey, even weirder to play against you.

You were one of the most important players in the history of this club, you did great things. You didn't deserve it. to drive you away like this, but the truth is that nothing surprises me at this moment ”). "Thank you, my friend, for your kind words, but thank you even more for being with me from the first day, with my family.

I will always be grateful to you. Those two, three or four people can't spoil the image of a great Barcelona. Many of you I love you, I will miss you " There are rumors that Atletico did not end the transfer window with the arrival of Luis Suarez.

The team announced yesterday that the Spanish club could go for Edinson Cavani if ​​he manages to sell Diego Costa. That is how Cholo would put together a tandem from the Uruguayan national team. The question is, however, whether Atletico could meet the great financial demands of the popular Matador. Or would Cavani perhaps be willing to reduce his demands for the sake of cooperating with Suarez?