Cristiano Ronaldo is the new Manchester United captain?

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Cristiano Ronaldo is the new Manchester United captain?

The story of the alleged removal of the captain's armband is not calming down We can talk about how many seasons are left at the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo and remember the time when even the Great Wall of China would not have prevented him from scoring the goal.

Those who don't like him can even - we live in a democratic world, can't we? - to say that Ronaldo is done. But no one, really no one, can say that Harry Maguire will ever be able to put himself on the same level with the Portuguese ace.

And when that is already the case, then it is somewhere logical that in the otherwise turbulent period at Old Trafford, another controversy arose: how could Maguire be the captain ahead of Ronaldo? For now, the controversy is reserved only for the columns of the yellow press.

The Mirror writes that he initially supported Maguire, but that in the meantime, Ralf Rangnick asked Cristiano Ronaldo to take on the role of mentor to younger teammates. Ronaldo accepted, started giving speeches, shared advice - there is something to hear from him - but that put Maguire in a slightly awkward position.

The only thing left for him is to jump and applaud after every Ronaldo's story, we talk metaphorically, but he should definitely support it so that everything would look as it should. It is clear to everyone that Maguire's authority is fading.

Ralf Rangnick; Cristiano Ronaldo or Harry Maguire

The same source further states and everyone else reports, that both of them have already talked with the head of the profession, Ralf Rangnick, about moving the captain's armband to Ronaldo's hand.

Only until the end of the season. Rangnick diplomatically explained the decision to take the pressure off Maguire. Harry didn't believe it, and he approached, we would justifiably say, worried that in that case, he would lose the captain armband forever.

Those who remember United from the most glorious times would say that the mere fact that Maguire is the captain is reason enough to worry. True, Ralf Rangnick said only a few days ago that he is not thinking about removing the captain's armband from Maguire, but when the British media are so persistent - something is cooking there.

We will see how much this will affect the atmosphere in the team, and will Ronaldo bring changes? Maguire is currently not at the level he used to be, and there is a lot of criticism about his games. Maybe this could be an even bigger blow for him