Accusations from Madrid: Leonardo and Al Khelaifi pressured the referee

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Accusations from Madrid: Leonardo and Al Khelaifi pressured the referee

In sports, the old saying goes: "Whoever loses has the right to be angry." However, when the stakes are much higher, then they often resort to the use of illicit funds, even accusations for which you really have to have thick evidence to cover the claims.

Especially when it comes to what the journalists of the Madrid radio Marca said after the game. According to prominent media from the Spanish capital, Paris Saint-Germain leaders, President Nasser Al Khelaifi and sports director Leonardo went to the locker room during the half-time break to put pressure on referee Judge Daniele Orsato!

Al Khelaifi and Leonardo went down at half-time to put pressure on Orsato for the first half. The event was witnessed by people from Uefa ", claims the journalist of the radio Marca Miguel Angel Toribio. At the break, the game was still a draw, despite the fact that PSG was constantly attacking Real Madrid's goal.

Referee Orsato did not have too many situations that could possibly compromise him. Despite everything, Radio Marca made a claim that can be considered a serious accusation. But, if there were witnesses, especially people from UEFA, then nothing should be disputable and the case will undoubtedly be open.

Otherwise, the whole situation could turn into a real scandal. In any case, it is ...

Nasser Al Khelaifi on the game

The first man of the Saints nailed the atmosphere just before the start of the match, as he sent a poison arrow in the direction of the people from Real Madrid into the microphone of the Channel + television.

"I have nothing to hide, we have almost no relationship, no contact with people from Real. I don't want to remember what happened" "I want football to be available to small clubs, they don't think the same," said Al Khelaifi, referring to the events surrounding the failed Super League project.

Despite that, Nasser Al Khelaifi and Florentino Perez had lunch together in an elite Parisian restaurant. By the way, Al Khelaifi and Leonardo allegedly said to Orsato in his face how badly he led the game in that first part.

Orsato later decided to give a clean penalty to PSG, which Lionel Messi did not use, and he also showed yellow cards to Casemiro- in the first half and Ferland Mendy, which Carlo Ancelotti considers to be a "gift" ...

"We had two players who were threatened with suspension and they both 'fell' Honestly, both cards seemed too soft for me, as a gift to my rival. That's what I told the referee. Let's move on, we will replace players who will not play. "