Kylian Mbappe wants to prove he is ready for Real Madrid!

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Kylian Mbappe wants to prove he is ready for Real Madrid!

The most trophy-winning and biggest club in the Champions League - and therefore for many in the world - against a team that wants to become one. But in order to become one of the winners of the "ear cup" and realize the decades-long dream, which intensified with the arrival of the Arab owners, the rich Paris Saint-Germain will have to eliminate Real Madrid.

The two-act battle at the start of the knockout phase of the Champions League was characterized as a "final before the final", a derby of the eighth final and a clash of financially powerful teams. Everything is bursting with electricity, but also sparks because of Kylian Mbappe, for whose "favor" Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid are fighting.

There is a lot of speculation… One of them is that Mbappe's fate - whether he stays in Paris or moves to the Santiago Bernabeu - will be known after the duel. In any case, one thing is for sure - the superstar of French football will want to "kill" the Royal Club and once again convince everyone in Madrid what kind of diamond they could get.

And it will be as hard a job as slamming the door on the Paris Saints and telling them: "You are not ready for our society yet." A series of serious, then a series of bizarre questions for Carlo Ancelotti at the Princes' Park.

Carlo Ancelotti press conference

Maybe testing Don Carlo's concentration and focus. At Real, they are calm before the match in the City of Light, or so they want to present. The real picture will be known today at 9 pm, when the Champions League comes out of hibernation.

"It feels good, we have all the confidence of this world. It will be a difficult match, because the opponent is difficult. They are a team that strives to win the Champions League, just like us." "This could have been the finale.

We want to eliminate a serious competitor from the Champions League ", Carlo Ancelotti began his speech at the press conference at the Princes' Park. The status of Karim Benzema, who was out of action for about a month, is still unknown.

The people of Madrid are keeping secret whether the first violin of the team will be ready to be in the starting lineup and inject an injection of self-confidence to their teammates. "He did train, he ran, he sprinted… But we'll see what his feelings say.

I have to wait and see what he will say, a lot depends on him. He hasn't played for a month, but that's Karim. If he feels good - he has to play. " And the inevitable topic is Gareth Bale… "Bale did not belittle his teammates, he trained well, he is a true professional… He wants to finish his mission at Real as it should be."

"He helped the club win the Champions League, he did important things. And I think a nice ending to the Real story would be good for his career. "