Cristiano Ronaldo vs Ralf Rangnick: Who will win?

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Cristiano Ronaldo vs Ralf Rangnick: Who will win?

The time distance is now long enough that it can be stated without hesitation that the arrival of Ralf Rangnick on the Manchester United bench did not bring enough positive vibes. Moreover, the elimination from the FA Cup by second division Middlesbrough and two wasted victories in the Premier League (Burnley and Southampton), which could ultimately cost the Devils dearly, made the existing disagreements between the interim manager and the first stars of the team stand out.

It has already been written about how the leading players are dissatisfied with the methods of work of the German expert. They also do not agree with the fact that Rangnick mostly leaves the training to his almost anonymous assistant Chris Armas, and the leader of everything is allegedly Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is no secret that the biggest stars of United wish for the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino on the bench starting next season, just as it is no secret that Rangnick's choice is Eric ten Haag from Ajax. Bearing in mind that these are diametrically opposed views, the media announced a kind of split in the club.

And as the old rule says it is incomparably easier to replace a coach than an entire team, many expected the United management to be able to side with Ronaldo and his views on the future of the Old Trafford club. According to the England media today, the new executive director Richard Arnold, the successor of Ed Woodward, decided to follow the policy of his predecessor.

Woodward, Arnold and Rangnick

Let us remind you, Woodward's last big decision was to hand over the stumbled Manchester to a German expert. First to bring the season to an end - with the goal of securing the Champions League - and then to choose a coach who will succeed him and retire to the position of sports director, from where he would start creating a completely new team.

Of course, with the desire for United to return to the throne in England and become a significant factor in European football, as they wwere under Alex Ferguson. The whole situation created such an atmosphere that Richard Arnold practically chose between Ronaldo and Rangnick.

Well, if that was the case, even in per mille, it seems that the victory was won by a German, that is, the idea of ​​building a new team from scratch. Now, will that mean Ronaldo's departure at the end of the season? There's every chance he will.

Because if Ralf Rangnick is well known for something, then it is intolerance towards players who want to be above the team. Regardless of the fact that he will be far from the field, there is no doubt that the German will have a great influence on creating a team for next season.

That's how it was wherever he worked. And it is well known that he had the most success with that strategy in Red Bull. After all, that is why he was enabled to choose a coach in Manchester who should implement his idea.