Pep Guardiola believes that the race for the title is not over

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Pep Guardiola believes that the race for the title is not over

Manchester City strategist is not writing Liverpool out of the championship race In 14 rounds until the end of the Premier League, the leading Manchester City has nine points more than the second-placed Liverpool, but also a match more.

Having in mind the great form of the Citizens, who have all wins and only one draw in the championship since November, Jurgen Klopp recently stated that his team has nothing to look for in the championship race. Pep Guardiola, however, does not think so.

Moreover, City's coach is convinced that the German is not convinced of what he said. The Spaniard points out that there are still many points in the spotlight and that, in the event that Liverpool defeats Leeds, there will be only six differences.

"I don't believe him. Of course he believes that Liverpool can catch up with us. In football, anything is possible, but he knows that he needs to win many games, just as I know that we need many more victories to defend the trophy." "If the difference is 14 points, then I would say we are close, but now it is nine, and it could be six if they beat Leeds.

It is nothing when 40 points are in the spotlight. Anything is possible," Guardiola said ahead of the clash with Norwich. away

Guardiola on the teams

The citizens are undefeated in a series of 14 matches, and together with Liverpool, they hold the Premier League record of 18 consecutive victories.

Guardiola believes that his team could do it again, while warning the rival from Anfield. "In previous years, both teams have shown that they are able to win in a row and make incredible series. If someone has succeeded once, then it can happen again.

" "Both teams are led by the same coaches as before, the playing staff is more or less the same. so we have kept the philosophy and the idea." "We are now 14 games unbeaten, and like Liverpool we have had a series of 18 victories.

We can do it, but they can too, so it is a reality, "said the trophy expert once again, rejecting the opinion that the championship race is over. Uncertainty is the charm that makes Guardiola extremely appreciate the title in the Premier League.

"To be a champion you have to fight against all teams despite problems such as injuries, poor form and many other things. Manchester City and Liverpool have succeeded and that is why they have been constant in recent years." "Despite our great series, it is possible that the difference will be only six points.

That's because the opponent is a great team," said the Spaniard. If it really gets intense in the Premier League, the last round could be decisive, when City and Liverpool meet at the Etihad.