Kurt Zouma, after the incident with the cat, provoked numerous reactions

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Kurt Zouma, after the incident with the cat, provoked numerous reactions

Kurt Zouma just fried the soup to a London club For days now, the central topic in the British tabloids has been the ugly gesture of West Ham's central-defender Kurt Zouma, who was filmed and then bragged on social media about shooting a cat.

The Frenchman found himself at the center of a scandal and under justified public criticism. Zouma has been left by technical sponsor Adidas, and some sponsors have already started leaving West Ham or at least temporarily suspending their contracts.

However, the biggest problem for the Hammers could be the rebellious locker room. The club punished Zouma by confiscating two weekly salaries which were then donated to a cat shelter in London. It turned out that the donation amounted to 250,000 pounds, which caused shock and disbelief in the West Ham locker room.

Nobody knew that Zouma has a weekly salary of as much as 125,000 pounds and that he is by far the highest-paid player on the team. British media write that several players will now address the club's management with requests to drastically increase their salaries because they believe that Zouma does not deserve so much more money than them.

Currently, only Andriy Jarmolenko and Michael Antonio have a weekly salary of around 100,000 pounds. And with bonuses included. Players like Declan Rice, Pablo Fornals, Tomas Soucek, or Vladimir Coufal earn significantly less than Zouma, and contribute more on the field.

All of them could soon become a serious problem for the club management…

Kirkland and Antonio on Kurt Zouma case

England public wants to tear Zouma apart by shooting the cat and even advocates terminating his contract and expelling him from the league.

Former Liverpool goalkeeper Chris Kirkland stands out with comments in the media and claims that what the Frenchman did is a worse thing than racism. However, some of Zouma's teammates believe that everything has gone too far and that Zouma does not deserve so many critics.

The first star of the team, Michael Antonio, drew a parallel with some earlier penalties for racism, which were milder. "I do not justify what he did, nor do I agree with that at all. But we have examples of people who were proven racist and played football after that." "They received penalties from several games and returned after that.

So I would ask many: Is what Zouma did worse than what the racists did? ”Antonio wondered. Many believe that he meant Luis Suarez, who was punished with eight non-playing games due to racist insults against Patrice Evra, but Adidas still stayed with him and did not terminate his contract like in the Zouma case.