Jose Mourinho shouted in the locker room: "You are not real men"

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Jose Mourinho shouted in the locker room: "You are not real men"

There were also ugly words ... He used to be ready to fight with a hall full of journalists in order to protect the players. But that was while he was winning trophies. Now that the syntax of "zero titles" hangs over his head, Jose Mourinho looks only at himself.

And angry at the journalists. And to the players. Roman Corriere dello Sport writes in today's edition that after the defeat of Roma against Inter in the Italian Cup, it was very uncomfortable in the locker room of Roma.

Jose Mourinho exploded. Witnesses say only his screams were heard.
"I want to know why, in the match in which you have Inter against you, you s*it yourself in the first 10 minutes? And I want to know why all of you s*it yourself in the first 10 minutes of the game with Milan? Everyone, without exception ", the Portuguese thundered, reminding the team that they conceded the first goal against Milan in Serie A in the eighth minute, and against Inter in the Cup in the second.

After that, it was difficult to break against the Milan giants. And that is what hurts the Special One. He is not used to starting from a deficit. "I want to know why you go to big games for two years with the mentality of small clubs.

If we behave like that, then the judges will treat us like children." "They will treat Roma like a small child. Inter is a super team, it was in front of you, and instead of playing, you managed to s*it yourself ...

", Mourinho did not stop.

Jose Mourinho reaction

Is it because after all he thought it might be the right way to motivate the team? Or did he just lose his temper? It doesn't matter that much now. "The biggest flaw of a man is when he doesn't have a character.

Are you afraid of games like this? Go then play Serie C. There are no champions, no top stadiums, no pressure. You don't have balls! That is the worst thing for a man ", concluded Mourinho. There will certainly be some reactions from the players.

It is not excluded that Mourinho will not like it. AS Roma has been playing very badly lately and the question is how long Jose Mourinho will stay. With a team like this, he can hardly do anything and he will need either a team restructuring, or he will eventually leave the club.