Wayne Rooney intentionally injure John Terry: "I didn't want them to win the title"

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Wayne Rooney intentionally injure John Terry: "I didn't want them to win the title"

Former Manchester United ace draws attention to statements in a recent interview with the Daily Mail Sometimes language is faster than the mind. In this case, Wayne Rooney, who didn't pay much attention to what he was saying in a recent interview with the Daily Mail.

Among other things, the former England international, today the coach of Derby County, with whom he is on his way to a miraculous survival in the Championship despite losing 21 points, recalled the 2006 match between Chelsea and Manchester United.

The London team won the match 3: 0 and won the title, and Rooney came to Stamford Bridge with a special, one could say insane goal - to injure Chelsea players. "We knew they would win the title that day if they beat us.

Until the last game of my career, I always had plastic crampons with a metal top on my football boots." "For that game, I changed them to big, longest allowed and metal because I wanted to hurt someone. I knew they were going to beat us, we could feel they were a better team than us and that's why I changed the crampons," Rooney said in an interview with a documentary about him to be released by Amazon on February 11th.

Wayne Rooney and John Terry

The victim of Rooney's evil intentions was John Terry. "Crampons were allowed, but I wanted to know that if someone got into a duel, I would be able to give it back in a fierce way. That's how it was.

John Terry left the stadium on crutches. I made a hole in his foot, and then I sent him a signed jersey a few days after the game and asked him if I could get my crampons back." "If you look at their celebration again, you will see that Terry is on crutches because of my start, "Rooney said with a smile, but in the Football Association of England to some, that story wasn't very funny According to the English media, Rooney received an invitation from the FA after the interview was published due to the events at the mentioned game, played 16 years ago.

That the situation, however, is not dramatic, can be concluded from Terry's comment on Twitter. "Was that when you left a crampon in my foot?" Terry asked on Rooney's announcement: "I was so annoyed that they are better than us and will take the title that I entered the game from the start looking for John Terry."