Footballers accuse Ralf Rangnick of lying, he replied!

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Footballers accuse Ralf Rangnick of lying, he replied!

"I'm still not there," claims the Manchester United coach Maybe it could have been like that in Hoffenheim or Leipzig, but Old Trafford is a completely different environment. Players paid millions, addicted to mobile phones.

Ralf Rangnick could remember why he didn't like them at first and why he forbade them at lunches and meetings. But this is what he is experiencing for the first time at Manchester United. First Anthony Martial, who in the meantime went on loan to Seville, then Jesse Lingard - he was supposed to go this winter, he will surely do it in the summer - came into confrontation with the head of the professional staff over the phone via social networks.

When Rangnick "discovered" that Lingard had asked for a few days to "clear his mind", he replied on Twitter, saying that his "head was clean" When Rangnick said that a few days before leaving for Seville, Martial refused to enter the game in the match with Aston Villa, the Frenchman wrote on Instagram that he never refused to play for Manchester United.

Ralf Rangnick

Ralf Rangnick felt what a teenager's life looks like when they "connect" And he doesn't seem to be doing well. He would like all these things, according to the good old football custom, to be resolved "at home"

"It's always better that way. I never read or communicate through these social networks. I don’t exist there and I don’t have time for that. So it's always better when I communicate directly with the players."

"I did it with Anthony and Jesse, but maybe I'm a different generation. In both cases, I know what I said to the players, so there is no more reason for me to talk about it, "said Rangnick. The only question is whether he was telling the truth when he talked about Martial and Lingard? It can be felt that the atmosphere at Manchester United is not good at all.

The arrival of Ralf Rangnick has changed almost nothing, and it seems that much more change is needed at United if they want to return to the old ways. We’ll see if the Red Devils can get back in the game after all, and at least secure the Champions League next season.

There are still many games left and nothing is over yet. Now all they have to do is hope that there will be as few injured players as possible. They still play in the Champions League, while dropped out of the FA Cup and League Cup.

They are playing against Burnley tonight and it will be a good chance for them to stay in the fight for the top 4, ie the place that leads to the Champions League.