Marc Overmars left Ajax due to inappropriate messages to colleagues

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Marc Overmars left Ajax due to inappropriate messages to colleagues

In the midst of the fight for the title in the Netherlands and before the continuation of the season in which Ajax will fight for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, Amsterdam heard the news that caused shock - Mark Overmas resigned from the position of Ajax sports director, although he extended his contract two months ago with the club until 2026.

The reason is inappropriate messages in communication with colleagues in which, as it was announced on the club's official website, the border was crossed ... "Last week, I was confronted with reports of my behavior and how others reacted to it.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize I had crossed the line, but it became clear to me in recent days. As a result, I suddenly felt tremendous pressure." said Overmars. One of the key people for Ajax's revolution in recent years, which led the team to the semifinals of the Champions League, made the decision after a meeting with the supervisory board and general manager of the club, Edwin Van der Sar.

"For someone in my position, it is unacceptable behavior, I realize it only now. But it is too late. I see no other option than this to leave Ajax. This has a big impact on my situation in private life. So I ask everyone to me and my leave the family alone, "the 48-year-old Dutchman continued.

Edwin Van der Sar on the situation

Van der Sar is also aware that Overmars' irrevocable resignation comes at a very challenging moment for the club, which in recent years has been fully among the greats of Europe, where they belong.

"The situation is terrible. My role is to help my colleagues. A safe working climate is important for everyone in this team and we will pay even more attention to it in the future." "Mark and I have played together since the early 1990s, first in Ajax and later in the Dutch national team.

We were colleagues in Ajax for almost ten years, and now it stops very abruptly. We are working on something really beautiful here, so this news will be a blow to everyone who cares about the club. But our ambitions remain the same," said a surprised Van der Sar.

Let us remind you, Overmars was the first Ajax operative since 2012, in whose mandate the club spent "only" 302,000.00 euros on reinforcements, while the salary with 636,300,000 euros was more than twice as much.

Ajax is leading in the race for the Eredivisie Cup with five points more than PSV, while in just over two weeks, the first game of the Champions League round of 16 match against Benfica awaits them. We will soon see if this departure will have psychological consequences for the games and the results of the team.

Who knows, maybe Overmars has now decided on the position of Newcastle's sports director, who has invited him in recent months to join one of the most ambitious projects in Europe. Of course, if they want it.