UEFA wants to introduce the Final Four from the 2024/2025 season

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UEFA wants to introduce the Final Four from the 2024/2025 season

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin announces another change in the Champions League - the introduction of the Final Four. Something similar happened by force of circumstances two seasons ago, when the final of the competition took place in Portugal due to the corona virus.

And that, it seems, gave the idea to the leaders of the European Football Union that they could introduce it permanently. Ceferin admits that there are rumors about that in football circles, but a concrete proposal has not yet come up.

"We have not yet discussed it properly because of the pandemic that is taking us day after day. But in my opinion, that would be a great thing. It would be a more uncertain competition and much more interesting for the fans.

"I talked about it with some club presidents, such as Al-Khelaifi (PSG), and he agrees with me," Ceferin said. Clearly, the background of everything is - money. "Football, for example, is bigger than the NFL, but the Super Bowl is a huge spectacle.

We have to solve a simple equation: to provide the clubs with compensation for the money they will lose as the hosts of the semi-final matches." However, this will not happen soon, but we will wait for several seasons.

We’ll see if that will bring extra excitement or if football fans won't be happy "I think that everything could come to life at the earliest in the 2024/25 season, I don't believe it can go faster. "

Ceferin on World Cup

Ceferin once again referred to the FIFA proposal that the World Cup be played every two years and reiterated that UEFA is strictly against it.

"I am sure it will not happen, because it is complete nonsense. It is a populist project that would destroy football. It goes against all the principles of our sport, as well as the Olympic Games." "It is unbelievable that a football organization can propose something like that, even though football players have a difficult schedule anyway, they should play a big competition every summer that lasts for a month."

"That would eat women's football as well. South America and we are against that, so there will be no such World Cup," said Alexander Ceferin, the president of UEFA. UEFA has brought a lot of changes lately, which have paid off for them, and we will see if this decision in the final four will be a good one. Most football fans have doubts about that, but let’s wait anyway. Maybe the final four will bring extra adrenaline