Georgina Rodriguez: Relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, luxury life, Ronaldo's mom

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Georgina Rodriguez: Relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, luxury life, Ronaldo's mom

The long-awaited documentary series 'Soy Georgina' will soon arrive on Netflix, which will follow the life of Georgina Rodriguez (27), the girlfriend of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (36). The enchanting Georgina’s life changed overnight, and from a ‘girl next door’ she became one of the most famous women in the world thanks to one meeting with Ronaldo at Gucci’s boutique where she worked as a saleswoman.

The Argentine today leads a luxurious life, filled with travel, collaborations with brands and filming, and will soon share details about her private life and love with the footballer with the public. -Many know my name, but few know who I am- said Georgina in a new announcement for the series coming out on January 27.

In the announcement, they described Georgina as a mother, influencer, and partner, who will present an emotional and deep portrait of her everyday life, and details of the series have already been published, which intrigued the public even before the show began.

Among other things, Georgina revealed how eagerly she is looking forward to her wedding to Ronaldo, but also what it is like when the cameras turn off. -Cristiano is a great father and husband, I could not have dreamed of a better one.

He does not cook, but after everything he does, he deserves to be greeted on the table by a dish prepared with a lot of love." "We have a chef, but sometimes I cook too. When he is not at home, I can afford some dishes that he either does not like or does not consume.

It is true that he sometimes eats pizza, but that is once a week after which he exercises hard." "I like to surprise him with the food he likes, but we can all eat when he is not there, so sometimes we all can't wait for him to leave - said Georgina, and she also revealed that Ronaldo doesn't change light bulbs.

"We have very high ceilings so it better not change the bulbs. Let him take care of himself and dedicate himself to what he does best, I will take care of the rest. I really do everything, I like to take care of the house and family."

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo marriage

Georgina should take Ronaldo's last name in the future, and many commented after the new announcement that her life resembles that in the golden cage. She also revealed earlier that she would like to marry a footballer, but as she says, it does not depend on her.

"It's not up to me ... God plans," Georgina revealed to friends who asked her if she would finally marry Cristiano, but according to Spanish media, his mother, Dolores Aveiro, also played an important role in the story.

According to them, Dolores believes that Georgina doesn't really like Ronaldo but sees in him a great income, and the rest of his family has a similar attitude. They are ready for anything so that the wedding would not take place, but Dolores tried to put an end to the rumors, so she said that she and Georgina get along very well.

This is not the first time that Cristiano Ronaldo's mother got involved in his love life, and it was she who decided on the relationship with Russian model Irina Shayk (35). The couple met in 2010, and they broke up after 5 years of relationship.

Although it has never been confirmed, rumors have been circulating that Irina was not on good terms with Ronaldo's mother, with whom he is very close.