City wants to bring the new center back

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City wants to bring the new center back

There are only ten days left until October 5 and the closing of the transfer market, and Manchester City does not have a clear picture of who will be combined for the two stopper seats. Judging by last season, the left stopper will be Aymeric Laporte as someone who plays exceptionally with his left foot, while the competition for his permanent partner is still open.

But there is no luck for Manchester City in the market. Pep Guardiola's wish to bring Nathan Ake from Bournemouth for 40,000,000 euros has been fulfilled, but in all previous screenings, it is not planned for him to be the one who will share good and evil with Laporte in front of Ederson's goal.

That is why the emissaries of Manchester City set out on a campaign for another expensive stopper in order to complete the team for the 2020/21 competition, but as we have already explained once, all the answers of the sellers so far were with many zeros ...

Clubs have found a way to fight the biggest rich people in Europe, and the only method that works is - blackmail! Manchester City was rejected at three different addresses, and he was primarily put in a situation where he has to pay dearly for the desired reinforcement, if he already wants it that much.

Napoli with Khalidou Koulibaly, Atletico Madrid with Jose Maria Gimenez and Sevilla with Jules Kounde - all of them have successfully repulsed all of City's attacks so far, which makes Pep Guardiola a little nervous because he was almost brought to the final act.

City wanted to sell Otamendi and Stones

Let's be clear, it's not that City has no one to patch the stopper positions with, only that most of them are not players to Guardiola's taste. At the moment, City has Nathan Ake, John Stones, Eric Garcia, Nicolas Otamendi..

First of all, after the end of last season, it was decided to give John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi certain hands in order to relieve the budget of their salaries, and to receive money from the sale for a new acquisition.

The Stones were fired by Chelsea and Arsenal, who took Thiago Silva, ie Gabriel, while Everton is still reluctant to return the guy on whose sale he earned 55,600,000 euros four years ago! Otamendi did have some good roles with Guardiola, but he also made a lot of mistakes and the same City knew how to cost dearly.

In addition, Otamendi has started to arrive in years, so Guardiola simply cannot trust the Argentine and wants fresh blood. Let us remind you, Fernandinho was forced to spend most of last season as a stopper, which also did not prove to be the best thing, because the Brazilian is in advanced years and can no longer follow the strong intensity of the Premier League and Champions League as before.

After the season of adaptation to the first team of City and the solid minutes he received from Guardiola, Eric Garcia has already said that he has no intention of extending his contract and that he wants to leave the Etihad this summer.

It has long been a hot topic for Barcelona, ​​but interest has cooled since the arrival of Ronald Koeman, but also because City asked for 40,000,000 euros for a boy who played only one professional season, and now has less than a year before which becomes free.

It is not known whether Garcia will now repent for what he said, because nothing concrete has happened yet regarding the renewal of cooperation.