Robert Lewandowski: "Football policy influences the choice for the Golden Ball"

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Robert Lewandowski: "Football policy influences the choice for the Golden Ball"

"Today I have better results on physical tests than two or three years ago" ... Until a year or two ago, few would have dared to claim that there is a third player, outside the "holy duo", who deserves the Golden Ball - the most valuable individual trophy in the world of football.

Messi, Ronaldo; Ronaldo, Messi, and so on for years. Luka Modrić was there in 2018 due to the sensation at the World Cup in Russia, and that's it. The only "freak" in these decades and a half. In the peak year of the corona crisis (2020), Bayern took the triple crown, beat everyone in a row, and its first sniper Robert Lewandowski finished the season with 55 goals and 13 assists in 47 matches in all club competitions.

Everyone was offended - Lewa is the new best in the world, but France Football decided not to award the prestigious award for that year. The Pole was also brutally damaged. In the season behind us, Lewa is amazing again - 40 games, 48 ​​goals and 13 assists.

Many believed that the injustice would be corrected, that this time France Football would reward practically two phenomenal years with the best center forward of today, when, however ... Let's not go into details. We know what happened in December last year.

The essence is the following: Football fanatics have not been so divided for a long time, and Messi and Ronaldo have not had such a strong competition since they appeared. All the conditions exist for a serious debate - is it time for the crown to finally change owners? Even it doesn't have to be official.

Because obviously it's not going to be that easy. Than in the debates of ordinary people, in debates on television. Is it time for someone to finally fire: Yes, Robert Lewandowski is the best football player in the world!

Robert Lewandowski on his award

The Bayern striker spoke for one weekly from his homeland on many topics, including the one that especially younger football fans are dealing with. He said without hesitation that he is aware that many decisions are influenced by "football policy", ie that according to him, the Fife award is even more relevant than the one awarded by France Football.

"To begin with, I have to point out that awards are not the most important thing in my life. I have some distance in relation to all that. And it's not that I can't sleep after a ceremony where I wasn't declared the best, wondering why I didn't win - especially since I became aware yes, football policy also plays a serious role in everything.

" Fifa's confession, however, admits, means a lot to him ... "Lately, I've been thinking about those two awards - the Golden Ball and FIFA The Best. And I came to the conclusion that the FIFA award is more important.

In France football, the votes of journalists prevail, there is no clear verification. former aces, coaches and many experts." "I think they all look at our achievements more objectively. They are familiar with the matter, they appreciate every match, every goal, every move. " Lewandowski tried to explain.