Luis Suarez leaves Barcelona and goes to Atletico Madrid

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Luis Suarez leaves Barcelona and goes to Atletico Madrid

Barcelona's announcement was extremely short and concise. Luis Suarez deserved much more after six years at the club, and one Champions League and four Spanish titles, among other things. And it all happened in five minutes until midnight.

Luis Suarez is the new Athletic player and that is the most important thing! After two days of turmoil, twists and tears, Pistolero said goodbye to Barcelona, ​​picked himself up and left, and then underwent medical examinations and signed a contract with the Rohiblancos for two years.

Barcelona did not succeed in their intention to receive 10,000,000 euros in compensation, because they clearly and loudly said from Madrid that they did not intend to pay a single cent.

In the end, there will be no compensation, but Barcelona will receive 6,000,000 euros in the name of bonuses in the foreseeable future.

Of course, provided that Suarez and Atletico activate them. "Barcelona thanks Luis Suarez for his dedication and exceptional desire, and wishes him luck in the continuation of his career," was the only thing in the message on Barcelona's website, with details about the financial aspect of the job.

Third best striker

Suarez left Camp Nou with 198 goals and only Cesar Rodriguez (238) and Leo Messi remained in front of him with an incredible 634 goals. Despite an injury that separated him from the field for a long time, he finished last season with 21 goals.

His best season in Barcelona was 2015/16, when he won the Golden Boot with 40 league goals, which then interrupted Messi - Ronaldo's hegemony that lasted for a full ten years.

Together with Messi and Neymar, he led one of the most influential trillings in the history of Barcelona, ​​which brought the club a second triplet under the leadership of Luis Enrique. It is certain that Suarez will manage at Atletico Madrid because he has a lot of experience behind him.
After Nacional and Groningen, Suarez showed what a player he is in Ajax when he has attracted a large number of clubs.

In the end Liverpool decided that Suarez was the player for them and it turned out that they were right. In Liverpool, he proved to be one of the best strikers in the world, after which he went to Barcelona. Although he is 33 years old, Luis Suarez arrives as an astronomical reinforcement for the Rohiblancos, who struggled fiercely with goals last season.

Alvaro Morata went on loan to Juventus, so Suarez, together with Diego Costa, will form an attacking tandem for the upcoming season. Argentine Diego Simeone is on the bench, his Brazilian partner in the attack is Uruguayan. It will be very interesting ...