Ousmane Dembele refused to terminate the contract

Laporta: "That is not good for him either nor for the club"

by Sead Dedovic
Ousmane Dembele refused to terminate the contract

One saga will continue after the end of the transfer period. Apparently, it will last until the summer, because according to the information of the Spanish media, Ousmane Dembele refused to terminate his contract with Barcelona.

The management of the Catalan club offered him an early parting because he will not count on him in the second part of the season, but the Frenchman rejected the proposal and decided to stay with the team until the summer.

Uncertainty over Dembele's fate has prevailed over the past month, but it seems that instead of being clearer, the situation is even more confusing at the moment. They don't know what to think in Barcelona. They threatened the Frenchman that he would spend the second part of the season on the bench if he does not extend his contract or find another club by the end of January, but Dembele refused to move from the Nou Camp even though he had two offers from foreign clubs.

At least that's what Barcelona President Joan Laporta claims. "We brought him two offers that were good and we are very surprised because he refused them. The last one was from an English club, but he did not want to go, he wanted to stay with us for another six months." "That is not good for him either.

nor for the club, because by extending his contract, we would make room in the salary budget and we would not have to work until the last minute, "Laporta said. Barcelona also has the option of unilaterally terminating the contract, but it does not help them at all, because in that case, they would certainly have to pay him the remaining part of her salary.

New contract for Ousmane Dembele

That could be the reason why Dembele does not want to agree to parting because he would be without income for the next five months. "We offered him a new contract with very good conditions.

Later it turned out that the problem was money, he wanted more. We told him we wanted to extend the contract, but negotiations stalled." "His agent did not want to say a word. We did everything we could. It is difficult to explain the situation around Dembele.

We think he has an agreement with another club." "That was insinuated by his agent. We will work in the interest of the club,"Joan Laporta concluded. And so, in the remaining five months - a bench. Marca writes that Ousmane Dembele could get a chance until the end of the season only in case of numerous injuries when Xavi would not have a choice.

But it is hard to imagine considering the number of options at his disposal in the attack, especially after the arrival of Adam Traore and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who should be officially presented as a new Barcelona player at any moment. Ousmane Dembele will wait

Ousmane Dembele