Ronaldo de Lima: "If I was mentally like Ronaldo or Messi, I would be much better"

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Ronaldo de Lima: "If I was mentally like Ronaldo or Messi, I would be much better"

He was not there for a long time, "the old" Ronaldo did not speak to the media for a long time, but he was dragged "in front of the microphone" by his former teammate - Christian Vieri. On the specialized streaming platform Twitch, Phenomeno opened for Vieri's Bobo TV, talking together with Nicola Ventol, Antonio Cassano, and Daniele Adani as rarely before.

"This generation is better than us off the field. They eat well and sleep a lot. Everything was the opposite with us, not to mention the number of women we had." "Messi is an extraordinary, technically powerful player.

He is hungry for goals, he wants to score them at every game" "I just think we had the same mentality as them. If we thought like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, we would have scored twice as many goals," admits Ronaldo.

In support of his words, there is an anecdote from the Brazilian national team, from the end of the last century. "I was an important player back in 1997. By then I had won the Golden Ball, and after one training session during the Copa America, Romario suddenly told me, ‘Get ready, we’re going out tonight, don’t worry."

" He prepared a ladder to climb over the hotel wall, and a taxi was waiting for us on the other side. We returned at five in the morning and the next day I was exhausted in training. I realized that Romario had done it on purpose to tire me out and take a place in the starting lineup.


Ronaldo on Bobo Vieri

However, Fenomeno did not blame him for that. "I learned a lot from Romario and Bebeto. They were an inspiration to me even though Romario was a bastard because he made young players clean his football boots and bring him coffee."

Ronaldo regrets he has not played with Bobo Vieri for as long as possible. The two Serie A icons met at Inter, in the period from 1999 to 2002, but the Brazilian's career was already starting to be hampered by injuries.

"I wanted to play with Vieri at all costs. Too bad, due to my injuries we couldn't play many games together. Vieri came to Inter just to play with me, he could have gone to any other top club." Before and after Inter, in Barcelona and Real, there were fewer of them, so he was more productive on the field.

However, Ronaldo himself does not think that he provided better games in Spain. “I don’t believe I was better in Barcelona because it was easier to play in Spain at the time. In Italy, I remember, I played against people like Pietro Vierchowod who followed me even when I went to drink water ha- ha-ha.

It was two years, but I hope people enjoyed them as much as I did. People still stop me on the street for the things I did. "